MTA Tells New Yorkers Not To Use The Subway Because It’s Complete Dogshit

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Anyone familiar with the New York City subway system knows that it is woefully ill-equipped to handle the throngs of regular rush-hour use. As the system itself is not about to improve enough to match demand, the MTA is now seeking to address the other side of the equation. That is, it’s telling New Yorkers to, uh, just avoid the subway if at all possible.

Never have I heard so clear an admission of fault as this.


The best part is the MTA isn’t even wrong; the only way to get around the city in anything like a sensible fashion is indeed to take alternate routes, to go at odd times. It’s just funny hearing it directly from the MTA, the group nominally responsible for un-fucking the subway.

And by ‘funny’ I mean ‘cripplingly maddening and burning with such a fire in my heart that it is all that will sustain me through the next nightmarish delay into a sweltering hellhole.’


CORRECTION: The MTA has not, in fact, acknowledged here that the subway is garbage. That, as it turns out, would be expecting too much. The MTA was acknowledging that the Long Island Railroad is garbage. Same badness, different commuter line. We’re still waiting for the good stuff over here.


(Hat tip to Up to Stuff!)