Celebrate the 49th Anniversary of the Moon Landing With Buzz Aldrin Punching Some Jerk in the Face

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If there are three things that put a smile on my face in this cold, heartless world, they are space, history and satisfying YouTube videos. So when a chance to combine those three passions came up today, on the 49th anniversary of the first moon landing, I knew I had to share this with all of you.

I like to keep certain videos in my back pocket for when I really need them. It doesn’t really matter when they were created. For instance, I’ll watch Charlie Chaplin dance with a globe from The Great Dictator whenever I’m feeling down. When the world seems unjust and cruel I watch this video from 16 years ago:

Whamo! Listen, if there’s anyone on this planet (or off) who is not a coward, it’s Buzz Goddamn Aldrin. Even if you think the moon landings were fake (they weren’t) Aldrin flew combat missions during the Korean War. He orbited Earth and completed a two hour spacewalk during the Gemini 12 mission. They don’t come more heroic than Aldrin.


Then to actually strap yourself into a rocket and go all the way to another sphere entirely? For science and national glory, he did what no one had done before him (besides Armstrong, but whatever) and set foot on another world entirely. And he did it all with only the unproven lunar modular to get him back to humanity.

The person receiving the well-deserved pop to the face is moon-landing denier and conspiracy fan Bart Sibrel. He thinks all the moon landings were staged and he likes to harass astronauts. Honestly, his face wrapping around Buzz Aldrin’s fist is about as close as this joker will come to greatness (which is probably why his YouTube channel still hosts the clip.)


While violence is never the answer, it is sometimes extremely satisfying. During a time when truth has been clouded with the help of similar online personalities, this punch seems to be a strike back from a braver time when Americans dreamed of going to the stars rather than building walls.

So, happy Apollo 11 day Buzz Aldrin—American hero.