Dictionary.com Now Lists Me as an Authority on Sending It and Now My Life Is Complete

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All I’ve ever wanted to be is Hoon of the Day. The only reason I exist on this toilet earth and get up every garbage morning is to send it, and then go back and send it some more. Today I have reached the pinnacle of hoon achievement. Dictionary.com now quotes me as an authority on the term “send it.”

I will overlook the fact that I was quoted alongside noted terrible human Jake Paul as sending it is an activity that should be enjoyed by all. Dictionary.com defines “send it” as:

Send it or I’m still gonna send it is a popular phrase from a viral video on social media. It’s used humorously when performing audacious or dangerous stunts.


Unlike blowing up a perfectly good BMW E30 (which we still haven’t forgiven you for, Jake), sending it is a wholesome activity to be appreciated by the whole family, especially when big air is achieved.

A good dictionary provides examples of how a given term is used in context, and Dictionary.com is no different, citing a Jalopnik article on snowmobile hoon Larry Enticer as one example:


However, as a quoted authority on the term “send it,” I must note that Dictionary.com’s article on the term is flawed. In the process of describing this term to the fellow kids of the internet, Dictionary.com describes the origin of “send it” as only going back to 2017, when Larry Enticer used it in a now-viral video:

Send it originates from a viral Facebook video posted on March 1st, 2017. The short clip features a stuntman nicknamed Larry Enticer who utters memorable catch phrases before jumping his snowmobile. “Are you silly?” he asks, before claiming that he’s “still gonna send it” despite the dark and frigid conditions outside. Larry proceeds to crash his snowmobile.

Enticer’s send it appears to be a variant on similar expressions like bring it (“perform in the face of a challenge”) or deliver (“fulfill a promise no matter what”). In mid-2017, his videos gained further exposure on platforms like Reddit and YouTube. Larry Enticer was featured on an episode of the Comedy Central series Tosh.0 in June, 2017.


Yet “send it” goes back much farther than the appearance of Larry Enticer. I’ve been using the phrase for years to describe the reason why my rallycross beater got nicknamed the “Space Shuttle,” among other things. Urban Dictionary’s most popular definition for the term is from 2011, for Pete’s sake. 2011!

Despite this grave injustice to the history of the term itself, I am still honored to be quoted as an authority on sending it. I think this means I really do need to jump some more cars now.


Hat tip to Mike!