This Denim-Clad Snowmobile Lunatic Is The One True King Of Canada

Canada’s Larry Enticer has an old Yamaha snowmobile, a glorious mullet, a denim wardrobe that would make even Jay Leno blush—and giant balls of steel. Behold, all that is Canada. Watch this highlight reel of Enticer’s stunts, and you, too, will feel as if you just shot mushed-up Timbits directly into your veins.

Enticer is a 21-year-old mechanic who grew up jumping snowmobiles and riding motocross outside Toronto, per a recent interview with Vice appropriately titled “I Have Found Canada’s Number One Hoser.” Larry’s namesake is no doubt the 1979 340 Yamaha Enticer he jumps with reckless abandon on his YouTube channel.


As for the mullet, that’s all natural. Enticer told Vice:

I’ve had the mullet for as long as I can remember. All through school, growing up, I’ve had this mullet and I’ve just never cut it.

Never cut it, eh? Never cut it.

Enticer recently made a “world record jump attempt” to predictable results:

Naturally, he told Vice that he’ll be trying that one again soon.


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