You Know It's Too Hot When You Can Cook on Your Dashboard

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Southern California is enjoying/enduring another heat wave this week, and the millions of cars that live out here are cooking. One of them is literally cooking.

Earlier today KPCC journalist Tamika Adams documented the experience of cooking some Trader Joe’s food on the dashboard of a 2011 Honda for LAist, and apparently the results weren’t half bad.

Although the situation itself in general is bad, since this is the one and probably only time somebody would want their car’s interior to be an actual oven.


I’ve seen food cooked on engine blocks before, and I’ve warmed up a meal or two on top of a windshield myself, but I have to admit I’ve never seen raw food laid out inside a car on the dash and then cooked and eaten.

Adams made “frozen Thai vegetable gyoza,” “quesadillas with Mexican cheese blend” and “glorious chocolate chip cookies,” cooking them all on one food tray for about four hours. A thermometer clocked the temperature at 190 degrees at one point which, wow. No wonder so many dashboards are cracked in California.


This is exactly why I use one of those reflective shields in my Acura and Nissan, which are regularly parked out in the sun, and as a side note I do think they help. But maybe next time I’ll just throw my lunch on the dash in the morning. Should be cooked right up by midday.