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Tell Us Your Favorite Driving Songs So We Can Make The Greatest Driving Playlist Ever

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

There’s something about music and cars that just kinda goes hand in hand. I’m sure some of you out there like a pure, silent driving experience, but nothing rivals the memories of a solid playlist and a long, long drive when the time is right.

I’ve been doing a lot of driving and jamming lately. I’m moving from Texas to Pennsylvania for grad school, and that means plenty of 26 hour drives with nothing but my playlists to keep me company. So I’ve also been thinking a lot about how much I associate a lot of my favorite automotive memories with the music I was listening to at the time—and I know I can’t be the only one.


So I want y’all to share your favorite driving songs in the comments. Give me your top five. I’m going to be compiling everyone’s answers into a giant Spotify playlist that y’all are welcome to access whenever you want. My goal here is to give everyone a chance to find something new, and to see what we might have in common. Step into someone else’s shoes for a moment and see the road through their eyes.

And feel free to share some of your favorite moments that blend music and driving! I know y’all have ‘em. I know there’s that certain song that reminds you of a very specific moment in your automotive history.


To start, I’ll give you my top five (which was very hard to narrow down, because I have a lot of driving songs):

  1. Get Born Again—Alice in Chains
  2. Everybody Wants Some!!—Van Halen
  3. Rip and Dip—The Frights
  4. Edge of Seventeen—Stevie Nicks
  5. Conspirator—White Reaper

And as for memories? I grew up in Michigan to a family who loved cars as much as they did their music. My dad used to make his own mix tapes of his favorite songs that we’d listen to whenever we were in the car. Any time I listen to Alice in Chains or White Zombie, it takes me right back to being a little kiddo peering out the backseat window on our late night drives back from the lake. And time I put any of those songs on, it’s just a nostalgia trip to the extreme.

And I gotta ask—am I the only one who has driving songs for certain times of day and seasons? When it’s a sunny summer day and all the windows are rolled down, it’s Led Zeppelin all the way. Late night drives in the fall call for Marilyn Manson. Rainy days? Chelsea Wolfe and nothing else.

Now it’s y’alls turn! Share away!