Bruno Senna Rips An Awesome Burnout In A Senna At Goodwood

Illustration for article titled Bruno Senna Rips An Awesome Burnout In A Senna At Goodwood
Photo: McLaren Automotive

The lightweight McLaren Senna supercar made a run up the Goodwood hill this weekend with Bruno Senna at the wheel. The nephew of Formula One’s perhaps most iconic driver, former F1 driver in his own right, and 2017 FIA WEC LMP2 world champion, the 34-year-old Senna is also a McLaren factory development driver and helped ready his namesake car for production. Because he is perhaps one of the most familiar with the car, the marketing team signed off on giving him the steering wheel for a tour up Lord March’s driveway.


Whether you’re 34 or 24—or even 74—there is hardly a better feeling than letting loose everything you normally hold back. With nearly 800 horsepower on tap from a 4-liter twin-turbo V8, easily accessible with the pedal under your right foot, Senna did the right thing and laid down some elevenses like anyone given enough leeway really ought to. Being that the car weighs just 2641 pounds, there wasn’t much weight to stop those giant meaty tires from breaking loose and filling the air with rubber vapor.

The above video was captured by a show goer from the sidelines, and helps give some perspective to just how big that burnout actually was. Well done Bruno, you’ve done a great burnout. I still think that Jaguar Mk1 was cooler.

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