It’s been a tough season for Toro Rosso driver Brendon Hartley. And things just got a whole lot harder during a Saturday morning Formula One free practice session at Silverstone. When, uh, his front-left suspension decided it didn’t feel like working anymore, and he went careening through the gravel and into wall after missing the Brooklands corner braking zone.


It was a pretty spectacular crash—but thankfully Hartley was able to radio in immediately and let the team know he was okay before he got out and walked to the medical center. The team decided not to send out Hartley’s teammate Pierre Gasly as a precaution.


That car is definitely not going to be repaired in time for qualifying later this morning. Hartley was given the clear to get back on track, but he’s not going anywhere in a car that is essentially little more than mangled metal and bits of carbon fiber.

And it’s probably not going to bode well for Gasly, either. According to Sky Sports, there’s a good chance the FIA aren’t going to let the French driver hit the track until Toro Rosso replaces literally all of the corner suspension and makes some progress on their investigation to figure out why they had such a big oops this morning.

You really gotta feel for Hartley. The poor kid looks like he’s the next in line on the Red Bull Junior Program’s hit list (for the second time), and the car they give him is flying into walls willy-nilly. How’s that for the glamorous Formula One experience?

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