Here's The Full Video Of Volkswagen's Record-Breaking Pikes Peak Run

A couple of weeks ago, the Volkswagen I.D. R electric race car broke the all-time record at Pikes Peak. It was the first car to ever set a time under eight-minutes, and now there’s a video of the full 7:57.148 run.

First of all, as we’ve noted before, this thing sounds horrifyingly insane, and exactly the noise I imagined when the guy who makes vacuum cleaners said he was going to start making cars.


Frustratingly, VW has yet to release the full-length onboard video, probably because it the sheer amount of speed at that height would probably melt our basic little brains. Or maybe they’re just saving the best for last.

It sounds like the audio in the video above, which uses all helicopter footage, came from an onboard recording, so hopefully we’ll see that coming up soon.

Only a couple weeks after annihilating Pikes Peak, VW plans to show off its I.D. R at Goodwood, where it plans to demolish even more records. Why quit while you’re ahead?

Reviews Editor, Jalopnik

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this top down shot doesn’t quite do it...this video from the perspective of the side of the road, though... motherofgod.jpg