Turn Up the Stereo Because the Ultimate Driving Playlist Is Here

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Get ready, everyone. Your morning commute and late night cruises just got a whole lot more interesting.

That’s right. We’ve officially thrown together the Ultimate Jalopnik Driving Playlist. I gotta say, thanks to everyone for their suggestions! I’ve had this bad boy on shuffle on my drive up to Canada and I’ve discovered a lot of new things. Mainly, that y’all really love Eurobeat and classic rock, and that there are plenty of artists out there that I’ve still never heard of.


This playlist is pretty great. Yeah, yeah, it does span a lot of genres and a lot of time periods, but that’s half the fun! Throw it on, open your mind, and see what happens.

(And don’t you worry: I’m always taking suggestions. If there’s something I missed or a new song you thought of, toss it in the comments and I’ll add it in!)

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Where’s the “list”?  (and yes, I see the damn “sign up for spotify” link). I don’t want spoyify, just the list, please