The McLaren Senna Sounds Annoyed and Awesomely Dangerous

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We saw the second McLaren Senna ever delivered, and specifically, its key on Tuesday. We also heard its glorious roar. Behold.

This, the first McLaren has a VIN ending in the number 2, and it was (weirdly) handed over to its new owner to some applause outside the Bloomberg offices in Manhattan. Mattress king Michael Fux, the new owner and the CEO of Comfort Revolution, said that he wouldn’t track the car, and would ship it (not drive it) to a location in Florida, which all should probably be criminal, since the Senna, which starts at around $1 million and is technically road legal, belongs nowhere else but the track.

But the point of being rich is to have the right to do whatever you want, I suppose. In this case that also meant ordering chrome wheels, in place of the designers’ first choice of black. Chrome!