This Is What The Key For A McLaren Senna Looks Like

Photo: Michael Ballaban/Jalopnik

When people talk about multi-million dollar cars, everyone wants to talk about the speed. Or the luxury. Or the GOOOOOOOLD. But I like the littlest details, the ones most people don’t even think about. Like this, the key fob for the McLaren Senna.

It’s got all your standard key features. It’s got a lock button. It’s got a bigger unlock button with the McLaren logo on it. It’s a got a verrrrry stylized picture of the car on it.

Photo: Michael Ballaban/Jalopnik

A very, very stylized picture of the car on it. As the rest of the car looks like, well, this:

Photo: Michael Ballaban/Jalopnik

This particular example is VIN number 002, the first McLaren Senna to be delivered to a customer. McLaren invited us to the delivery of the car to owner and mattress king Michael Fux at the Bloomberg offices (???).

I asked Fux why he wanted chrome wheels on any car, let alone a McLaren Senna with an emerald green-tinted carbon fiber weave. He explained that McLaren was originally going to fit it with black wheels, but he demanded chrome wheels instead.

Fux looks very pleased with his new car and its chrome wheels.
Photo: Michael Ballaban/Jalopnik

“Just look at what it does,” he added.

Yes. Just look.

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