Your Ridiculously Awesome Pikes Peak Wallpapers Are Here

Pikes Peak has long been one of the most fascinating motorsport venues in the world. It’s still the wild west of motorsport, where budgets, engineering, and driver talent are the main factors in how fast you can go. Ingenuity and engineering are rewarded, because there is hardly a rulebook, there is no balance of performance, and there are no limits on power output. As they used to say in racing, at Pikes Peak you “Run what you brung, and hope you brung enough.”

Drew Carlson went to PPIHC last week, and captured a lot of the action through his camera’s viewfinder. The mountain is as quiet and calm in photographs as it is on the hill, except when it isn’t. The delicate and brutal juxtaposition of the cars attacking this incredible mountain is not lost in this series of photos. I often appreciate the photos that we feature in Weekend Wallpaper, but this is the first time I’ve changed my own desktop background in about 3 years. Whichever ludicrously ballsy motorcycle rider decided to put a knee down at the infamous Evo Corner now graces my screen.


You can see more of Drew’s work on his website,, or on Instagram: @denver_photo

You can download full-resolution versions of the shots by clicking these links: Top shot, Mustang, Travis Pastrana Cayman, David Donohue Checkered Flag, Quiet on the Mountain, High Side, and Electric Volkswagen.


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