Australian Racing Series Attempts To Send Truck Parts Into Low Orbit

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In his Australian SuperUtes debut, driver of the number 45 truck, Michael Sieders must have felt a wild set of emotions on the run down to that second corner. In one fell swoop he saw the two trucks that had started ahead of him push each other off into the gravel and he had clear track ahead. In his first race in the series, a series which is a feeder to the top-flight prestigious and super competitive SuperCars series, he was leading the race! Without any time to process that emotion, Sieders was immediately sent for what was likely the wildest ride of his life.

The race weekend featured a trio of SuperUtes series sprint races at the Ipswich circuit, the first won by Ryal Harris in the #58 Mazda and the second won by Tom Alexander in the #22 Holden. They were fighting intensely for weekend points honors in the third and final race of the weekend when things came to a head. In the video below, you can see Harris and Alexander come together at the first bend, sending Harris way wide into the dirt. As Alexander returns to the track, he effectively performs and inch perfect PIT maneuver to send Sieders ass over teakettle.

The Michael’s Mitsubishi barrel rolled, going immediately roof-down and continuing that huge momentum. The truck rolled a total of six times, ultimately landing on its side on the half-wall at the outside of turn two. That’s one hell of a yikes moment. Luckily everyone involved was okay, and Seiders got out of his truck on his own. It’s lucky that none of the parts flying off of his car hit any bystanders, as well. Some of those bits were carrying serious momentum.