A Parked Toyota Camper Is a Great Way to Avoid Paying Rent in Manhattan

As we came across the faded yellow ‘97 Porsche Boxster with the red wheels and huge dent, I knew this was going to be a very special episode of Carspotting. Raph not only knew this car, but also the exact spot where it would be parked, which apparently is where the owner has parked the little yellow Boxster for the last decade.


Welcome back to Carspotting! Our intrepid, but awful NYC tour guide, Raphael Orlove, is away on assignment driving cars in the Nürburgring, while I sit here endlessly producing video of him walking around the Lower East Side of Manhattan looking for cars. Spoiler alert, we found some (and they’re good.)

This week’s episode features a lot more of Raph’s front than previous episodes! We also found what might arguably be the most throughly loved Porsche in NYC, Raph’s favorite neon sign, some very good doggo’s that led us to rebrand the series as “Dogspotting” instead (which would probably get a woof-ton more views.)

We also ran into a very amazing ‘80s Toyota pickup with an RV pack. This wasn’t some, as Raphael put it, “Bought by some wannabe vintage dude and overrestored or something.” This was the real deal! Dead bugs littered on the front, beach parking stickers, cracked brown-on-brown decorative sticker trim—this little house on wheels had it all.

Unfortunately for us (and you) we didn’t get an interview with the owner, but I imagine if we had it would have been a very chill surfer dude with a cool-ass pitbull named Spike and they just returned to NY from a prolong surf sesh at the Rockaways.

In either case, watch this episode and see as Raph loses his mind over some great cars and dogs. Enjoy!

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Shitty run down campers are the new homeless camp here in Portland.  Anyone who thinks it is a great way to avoid paying rent go f-themselves.