Let's Take Just a Minute to Appreciate Fred Durst's Instagram

Fred Durst is mostly known for being the lead singer of Limp Bizkit, so you would think his social media feeds would be full of.... you know what? I really don’t know. Nu metal? Backwards hats? It doesn’t matter. What matters is that Fred Durst’s instagram is almost entirely full of old woody station wagons.

Seriously, that’s the whole damn thing:


Durst counts the days:


Durst wrestles with personal torment:


Durst expresses positive affirmations:


But above all, Durst loves wagons:


His Twitter account, with over a million followers, also appears to almost entirely be devoted to pointing people towards his big woody wagon love. We’re not going to question why, because we already fully understand.

Fred Durst has also been banned from the nation of Ukraine until 2020.

It is unclear if these events are tied.

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