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The 2019 Suzuki Jimny has just been redesigned for the first time since dinosaurs ruled the Earth, but it’s still the same square and plucky international off-roader we know and love. Watch it frolic and fight its way through assorted obstacles here.

A highlighter yellow off-roader, calm adult contemporary music... as our Managing Editor Erin Marquis said, there’s nothing to not love about this video.


And with two solid axles, a ladder frame and a delightfully short wheelbase, there’s nothing to not love about the Jimny, either. I mean, as long as the driving you’re doing is exactly like what you’re watching here.

I’m not sure what the Japanese title cards and fine print read, but it’s probably something like “driving like an idiot will void your warranty.”


Anyway, the Jimny is still a great reason to move anywhere outside America. I want one something fierce and after watching this, I’m sure you do too.

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