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Volvo Is Launching An M Brand But It's Not What You Think

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

No, it’s not M for murder, nor is it M for another automaker’s performance arm. Volvo’s M stands for mobility, which is a new brand that it launched yesterday that users will be able to access via an app.

Kind of like how Ford started calling itself a “mobility company,” Volvo has also started making motions in the same direction. M, the automaker claims via a press release, will hopefully offer a better alternative to owning a car for city dwelling people. Also, it will

“...expand the company’s global mobility operations by providing dependable, on-demand access to care and services through an intuitive app.

Moreover, M will learn about its user’s needs, preferences and habits, personalizing the customer relationship.

M is developing proprietary learning technology that asks users about their specific needs instead of merely informing them where they can pick up a car.


Volvo also says that M will help the company build over five million direct consumer relationships by 2025. M will also draw experience from data gleaned from Sunfleet, the car sharing company in Sweden, which will be “fully integrated into M.” The whole thing is set to debut in the U.S. and Sweden in early 2019.

So, doesn’t sound like a new Volvo performance brand or parts. Just an app that will probably help you diagnose issues to your mechanic more easily and will have something to do with car sharing, since that’s apparently what will solve urban car ownership problems.


Not much more information is being offered at this time, such as if Geely and Volvo are worried that a certain German automaker might spot a trademark issue here. It certainly has happened between Lynk & CO and Ford.