Apollo Claims its V12 Can Do 11,000 RPM with More Compression Than God

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Re-newcomer to the supercar game Apollo is making waves with the most angular supercar since the ‘70s, but what interests me is its heavily reworked Ferrari V12, good for a ton of horsepower and a ton of revs. But pay more, apparently, and you get more.

That’s the word from Apollo in a recent interview with friend of Jalopnik and regular contributor over here Alex Goy, presenting this time for Carfection. The claim comes in at 44 seconds into this video:

Here’s what Apollo’s operations director Ryan Berris says:

So, we’ve done a feasibility study, that, basically, at an additional cost, if the client wishes, we can do further development work on the engine to extract 1,000 horsepower, still being naturally aspirated. The engine would rev to over 11,000 RPM, and would have a compression ratio of 16.5 to one.


Let me reiterate a few points from this:

  • Buyers are referred to as “clients.” This is some rich people shit.
  • “Further development work,” is nicely hedge-ey about whether or not this has been done.
  • Over 11,000 RPM
  • 16.5:1 compression ratio

Is this impossible? No. Over in Formula 1, engines are mandated to stay below 18:1 for their compression ratio. Do those engines blow up all the time? Totally! But that’s part of the fun and excitement of car ownership, right? For more on compression ratios and how they work, check this out.


Also, getting a thousand horsepower without a power adder is certainly also within the realm of possibility. For a mere $35,000 I could call up Mast Motorsports and get an 850 horsepower naturally-aspirated V8 that has a mere 14:1 compression ratio. That’s a 7.6 liter to the Apollo’s 6.3, but whatever.


Either way, I love this thing and I hope that the world gets to hear more of it.