This 1963 Land Rover Has the Perfect Old Truck Aesthetic

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There are plenty of great looking classic trucks on the road still, but there’s something about an early Land Rover that is just so freaking pretty. And this one in particular is on another level.

The music and narration of this video is a little, uh, can I say “excessively artsy” without offending my friends at Petrolicious? But the production value and cinematography are exceptional and holy hand painted aluminum, this ’63 Series IIA is a thing of beauty.

The truck’s owner, auto journalist Basem Wasef, looks like he’s having a great time driving it, too. I don’t know how I feel about his idea of stripping the paint off, but he’s pretty much nailed the clean classic look so far. No aftermarket crap clinging to the sides, no stickers clogging up the cosmetics... I don’t even think this Rover has a dent on it.

The one decorative piece I can see, some sort of auto club marking on the left fender, looks period-correct and tidy. I have to admit, seeing this is really making me rethink the aesthetic of my own truck, which is pretty much the polar opposite.


If you’d like to spend more time staring at this thing, by the way, you can see a nice big gallery at Petrolicious.