Slammed Toyota Priuses Are Good

Screenshot: Street FX Motorsports & Graphics (Facebook)

The Toyota Prius is often falsely considered the anti-enthusiast’s car. While I could name a number of reasons why the hybrid Toyota deserves more credit, I’d rather just show you this video of some seriously slammed Priuses. Because they look hot.

Some of y’all may vomit on your keyboards when watching this, while the more cultured among you will appreciate the beauty that is the slammed Prius:

Oh yeah. Wide-body Priuses hellaflushed, hella-cambered, and pretty much hella-everything’d. They’re way over the top, especially that red one with the huge wing. But it works! The jelly-bean shape that so many loath actually looks sleek when dropped within millimeters of the pavement.


And what’s that noise?! It sounds rumbly and good! A dang Prius—a car that rarely sounds at all—actually makes noises that are...decent? (Sans that white one with the huge exhaust pipe, which sounds pretty sad).

I think what we’ve learned here is that Priuses are much better at any ride height other than stock.

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