Roll Up To The Club With Your Two Best Friends In This Three-Seat Formula One Car

All image credits: Heritage F1

Let me tell you, I’m sick and tired of rolling up to clubs with my Rolls-Royces and Bentleys. Too easy, too predictable. Give me a true show stopper. Give me this three-person Formula One car. I bet you this is getting me to the front of the VIP line.

Once you stop laughing, you’ll know that I’m serious—this is a real thing. It’s called the Arrows AX3 and two are currently being offered for sale on the Heritage F1 page. Built in 2001, they were dreamt up by Arrows team owner, Tom Walkinshaw, according to the listing. They are custom-built and designed to seat three passengers in a layout like the McLaren F1's.


(Arrows once showed up on our list of “The Ten Worst Racing Teams Ever” but who’s keeping track.)

Both have V10 Hart engines and come with a “comprehensive spares package,” which includes full starting equipment, tire warmers, specialist tooling and even a spare engine.

The price comes to £525,000, or about $690,076. But think about how many friends you can transport for that sum! Five whole friends! Do you even have that many friends? Well, you’d better make some.


Plus, you’d put that idiotic Aventador to shame at the valet stand.


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