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The Ten Worst Racing Teams Ever

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

It's hard not to fill up a list like this entirely with F1 teams, but have no fear as Indycar had seen some utterly bad attempts too. Money wasting at its fastest.

10.) Rocketsports Jaguar


Paul Gentilozzi is a pretty fast man. Unfortunately for him, the Rocketsports Jaguar RSR XKR GT2 was much slower than him, but at least it's entertaining, as Clown Shoe Pilot explains:

Truth on the Jags. They looked fantastic and sounded like God's own racecar. They were also the slowest thing on track. Upside - you got to look at and listen to them longer.


Suggested By: Joest, Photo Credit: Getty Images

9.) Arrows Grand Prix International

There are many positive things you can say about the Arrows F1 team, but one number demolishes everything. Seitz is here to enlighten us about their performance between 1978 and 2002:

Winning a whopping 0% of their 783 entries, they are hands down the worst team to ever compete in Formula 1.


Indeed. Honestly, who paid for all this?

Suggested By: AspenRS, Photo Credit: Getty Images

8.) Panasonic Toyota Racing


The German-based Toyota team wasn't terrible, but given their enormous budget, they were far less successful than expected. And since failure was unacceptable for the Japanese, they pulled the plug before all that work could start to show. Braking Bad:

It's sad actually, in 2009 Toyota actually looked to have made good progress and had some good finishes. They ended the season with 5 podiums and their second best constructors finish (after 4th in 2005) in 5th.

Also, their 2010 challenger, development of which was in the advanced stages when they dropped out of F1 at the end of 2009 actually looks like it could have been a very competitive car.


Suggested By: CAcoalminer, Photo Credit: Getty Images

7.) HRT F1


If your F1 car is slower than a GP2 car, you're doing it wrong.

Suggested By:, Photo Credit: AP Images

6.) Lotus in Indycar


A good livery doesn't make you fast. Axel-Ripper:

Lotus returns to Indy. Runs Honda engines for a bit (Because IRL) then when they come out with the Lotus V6 to compete with Honda and Chevy, it sucks balls. At the 2012 500, their teams were trying to get out of their contracts to get Chevy engines, leaving just HVM Racing and Fan Force United into the race with the Lotus engines.

The faster of them qualified at 214 mph, a full 10 mph behind actual competitive teams. They both then proceeded to get black flagged 10 laps in for not being fast enough.


Suggested By: Axel-Ripper, Photo Credit: Getty Images

5.) Super Aguri F1


They got an old car from an airport display. Seriously.

aMaG1CaLMaNg1Na quotes Autosport:

"Super Aguri started the season with a developed version of four-year-old Arrows cars bought from former Minardi owner and Australian aviation entrepreneur Paul Stoddart.

One of them was painted in Minardi colours and on display at Melbourne airport as a show car while another chassis has just been obtained from an owner in the Netherlands."



Super Aguri was pretty terrible, to the point of not even finishing on the same lap as the next slowest car for the first fifteen races of the 2006 season, didn't record finishes for over half the races of the season, and included a black flag for failure to ignore blue flags.


Suggested By: Marimvibe, Photo Credit: Getty Images

4.) Token Racing


Don't ask Ron Dennis about this period of his life. DennyCrane:

26.2 seconds off the pole time. TWENTY SIX FULL SECONDS.

And before they could even hope to redeem themselves, they folded after running in only three races.


Suggested By: DennyCrane

3.) Citgo Racing


Milka Duno was pulled from a race for being too slow. Fernando, and everybody else was definitely faster than her.

Suggested By: revenberocket, Photo Credit: Getty Images

2.) Mastercard Lola


Lola has a lot of experience in building all sorts of race cars, but this project was doomed from the start. themanwithsauce:

They failed to start their one race they entered. Why? Lola rushed out a car design that never reached their wind tunnel. So naturally in the aero-heavy open wheel series, they had no aerodynamic grip. They also had no mechanical grip since their design was hacked together in a few months with no testing. End result? No way to heat up the tires to use the grip. But that was probably for the best as these cars were really not fit to be at speed.

How bad was this team? Lola cars almost went out of business forever because of it.


Suggested By: themanwiththesouce, Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons

1.) Andrea Moda Formula


Andrea Sassetti was the wrong kind of schumacher. In short, Arch Duke Maxyenko:

Team exists for 1992 using a 1991 car, failed to finish a single race and quit 13 races into the 16 race calendar.


Banned, actually. It's a good story.

Suggested By: Arch Duke Maxyenko, Photo Credit: Getty Images

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