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This Off-Road Porsche Is Not Like The Others

Safari 911s have been the hot Porsche for a while now, with fanatics lifting their cars just to go to Cars and Coffee and congratulate themselves with an Instagram photo. That is not how Jason Lightner drives his 912 rally car.


You’ve seen Lightner before. He was the guy who was wailing on trucks up the hills of Ocotillo Wells a couple years back:


And then wailing on them some more:

And then teaching us how to do it on Car vs America.

And then flying into the air off a jump at Hoonigan’s Donut Garage:


And here he is showing how an off-road Porsche should take a dirt road: mostly midair.

I would be concerned about Lightner blowing his car to smithereens, but he actually runs one of the biggest restoration shops for Porsches in Southern California, if not the country. If something breaks, nobody’s better prepared to fix it.


Raphael Orlove is features editor for Jalopnik.

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No, it’s exactly like every other damn safari 911 that you always throw up here and gush over.

Because I’m right there gushing with you and am super pissed that I can’t have one. Every time.