We Deserve Better Back Seats

Photo: BMW

Right now there are pretty much two kinds of rear seats you see in production cars: lounge chairs that swaddle asses in opulence, and basic benches that look like afterthoughts. We need, at least, one more variation of rear seat design.

We need some back seats that are actually fun to go fast in.

The BMW M Performance Parts Concept that’s being trotted out for this year’s Goodwood Festival Of Speed appears to be a 2 Series suffering from an acute overdose of carbon fiber and Alcantara, but holy hard bolstered haunches, get a load of those rear seats!


Aggressively grabby back seats not only make a sporty car’s interior look way more legitimate and complete, but they’d also significantly diminish the misery of riding in the back of a car that’s being flung around corners.

Photo: BMW

Have you ever sat behind a hot shot driver with something to prove? It sucks, on-road or in the dirt.

Now I’m not saying the extra bolsters will fix the barfiness you’re apt to feel due being moved around violently when you can’t really see where you’re going, but I think it would help a lot.


I’d also be a lot more inclined to take performance cars that insist on being sedans seriously if the back seats actually had some purposefulness to them. The Honda Civic Type R is the biggest offender I can think of here. That car’s rear seats aren’t even red! The indignity of it renders me incredulous.

Photo: Andrew P. Collins (Jalopnik)

But I’m not here to rant about this egregious oversight in the Civic’s interior design, I mean maybe a little, but mostly I just want some decision makers and influencers to see how sweet BMW’s rear racing seats look in this concept and start porting the idea into more fast four-doors like the Type R, WRX, AMGs, and all the other usual suspects.

If the ethos of “crossoverify everything” and performance SUVs are going to continue their aggressive infiltration of the enthusiast car scene, the least automakers could do is make jackass driving slightly more enjoyable for the people in the back seats of beasts like the Ford Edge ST and Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk. As well as style the interior of these vehicles to fully commit to the idea, or look, of going fast.

Photo: BMW

And, sorry but, while we’re talking about this BMW concept I have to add that I really like how this gold accent line accentuates the car’s strange snake tongue spoiler.

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