1/31/2018 - Behind The Scenes At The 2018 Detroit Auto Show

1/31/2018 - Take A Listen To This Lamborghini Exhaust

1/31/2018 - Man Surprises His Dad With A Duplicate Of The Dream Supra He Wrecked Over A Decade Ago

1/31/2018 - This Awesome Camera Setup Captured Incredible High-Def Footage Of A Cheetah Sprinting

1/31/2018 - Comment Of The Day: Confession Edition

1/31/2018 - Not All Cars Need 'Short Throw' Shifters

1/31/2018 - NASCAR's Starting An Online Racing League With A Six-Figure Payout: Report

1/31/2018 - I Somehow Like These Custom-Bodied Mazda Miatas A Whole Lot More

1/31/2018 - Finally, A Way To Bring Birds On Planes

1/31/2018 - These Are The Only Carmakers That Do Not Sell SUVs

1/31/2018 - The Lamborghini Diablo Jota Had The Most Perfect Admission Of Defeat On Any Supercar

1/31/2018 - This Should Settle The 4WD Vs. 2WD Winter Braking Debate Once And For All

1/31/2018 - German Retailers Are Freaking Out Because Of Potential Diesel Bans

1/31/2018 - Here Are The 11 States Where You're Most Likely To Have Your Tailgate Stolen

1/31/2018 - German Homeowner Buys Two Smart Cars Just To Keep People From Parking Near Driveway

1/31/2018 - Amtrak Train Carrying Congress Members Hits Truck, Killing At Least One: Report (Updated)

1/31/2018 - Watch Police Rush A Shop After Mistaking Acura Integra Exhaust Noise For Gunfire

1/31/2018 - PSA: Watching A Fast And Furious Movie Doesn't Make You A Street Racer

1/31/2018 - The Honda Passport Is Coming Back: Report

1/31/2018 - Another Person Has Died From A Faulty Takata Airbag Inflator

1/31/2018 - The Aggressive Plan To Bring Lotus Back From The Dead

1/31/2018 - The Best Resale List For 2018 Is Basically All Trucks And A Rally Car

1/31/2018 - Formula One Will Finally Stop Using Grid Girls This Season

1/31/2018 - The Pixies - 'Caribou'

1/31/2018 - At $18,500, Could This 2014 Toyota RAV4 EV Rock You Down To Electric Avenue?

1/30/2018 - A Boring Car That I Actually Enjoyed Driving: The Saturn Vue

1/30/2018 - Japan Has Yet Another Good Car Idea: PVC Drifting With Tiny Kei Hatchbacks

1/30/2018 - Your Crappy, Weird '70s Electric Car Of The Day: The Electraction Rickshaw

1/30/2018 - Flights In The Western U.S. May Get Delayed By Massive Military GPS Blackout

1/30/2018 - Comment Of The Day: Always The Answer, I Guess, Edition

1/30/2018 - Here's A Short Video To Explain How Formula One Money Is Distributed To Teams

1/30/2018 - This Roof Crushing Machine Is Something A Bond Villain Would Have

1/30/2018 - How A Box Of Magic Crystals Brought Down Australia's Most Famous Race Car Driver

1/30/2018 - Your Stupid Argument About What Is A GT Car Has Been Going On For Half A Century

1/30/2018 - The 2017 Volvo V90 Cross Country Will Make You Demand The Wagon Life

1/30/2018 - Harley-Davidson Is Sad And Getting Sadder

1/30/2018 - What Do You Want To Know About The 2018 Toyota Camry?

1/30/2018 - A Russian Fighter Jet Just Came Screaming Within Five Feet Of An American Navy Spy Plane

1/30/2018 - Volvo's First Electric Car Will Be A Hatchback: Report

1/30/2018 - I Dunno About This 1997 Miata That's Been 'Converted' Into A 1965 Mustang

1/30/2018 - The Person Who Sent That Hawaii False Alarm Apparently Thought That A Missile Was Indeed Coming (Updated)

1/30/2018 - This 'Airbnb For DIY Garage Space' Lets You Wrench In Random People's Garages

1/30/2018 - There May Be A Ford Explorer ST Coming Too: Report

1/30/2018 - Help Find This Drifting Enthusiast Who's Been Missing In Mexico For Days

1/30/2018 - What Do You Think Makes A Car Beautiful?

1/30/2018 - Spanish Orange Thieves Finally Prove How Many Oranges You Can Cram Into A Car

1/30/2018 - Formula E's New Race Car Actually Looks Pretty Awesome—And It Has A Halo

1/30/2018 - Madman Fernando Alonso Will Race The F1 And WEC Seasons At The Same Time

1/30/2018 - Thousands More Driverless Cars Are Coming To Waymo From Fiat Chrysler

1/30/2018 - A Bunch Of Ex-Google Engineers Want To Make An Autonomous Delivery Breadbox Van

1/30/2018 - RAC & Scavenger Hunt -- 'Johnny Cash'

1/30/2018 - For $1,900, Could You Align Yourself With This 1987 Renault Alliance GTA?

1/29/2018 - Meh Car Monday: The Dodge Dynasty Can Die, Nasty

1/29/2018 - Bulgaria Is Targeting Owners Of Expensive Cars To Crack Down On Fraud

1/29/2018 - Mitsubishi Instagram Ad Shows The Outlander DOMINATING At Least Three Inches Of Rock

1/29/2018 - Find All Your Favorite Race Tracks On The Strava Heat Map

1/29/2018 - Comment Of The Day: Used CR-V Edition

1/29/2018 - Now Faraday Future Claims Ex-CFO Stole 'Trade Secrets' And Employees (Updated)

1/29/2018 - Trump's Decision To Reportedly Stop Funding The ISS By 2025 Is A Horrible Idea

1/29/2018 - Buick Thinks Half Of Regal Buyers Will Get The TourX—If They Don't Call It A Wagon

1/29/2018 - Honda On A New S2000: 'Never Say Never' But It's Not Currently In The Works

1/29/2018 - There's Something Incredibly Creepy About An Abandoned High-Speed Train

1/29/2018 - I Just Made My Final Car Payment And I Now Vow To Never Take Out A Car Loan Ever Again

1/29/2018 - The 'Z' In Nissan's Z May As Well Stand For 'Zombie' Since They Will Not Let It Die

1/29/2018 - Actually The Lamborghini Urus Is Freaking Awesome

1/29/2018 - Mazda's 'Skyactiv-3' Engine Could Be As Clean As Some Electrics With 56% Thermal Efficiency

1/29/2018 - Suspect Arrested For Shining Laser At California Police Helicopter As Cars Stunted On Public Streets

1/29/2018 - Rolex 24 Winner Says Someone Stole His Winning Watch And Indy 500 Rings While He Was Racing

1/29/2018 - The New Acura NSX Is Also A High-Tech Snownut Machine

1/29/2018 - Don't Be Scared Of The Ducati Monster

1/29/2018 - Alibaba, Foxconn Pump $350 Million Into Yet Another New Chinese Electric Car Startup

1/29/2018 - The Lovable Ford Ranger Emerged As A Hero Out Of Recession And War

1/29/2018 - These Wrecking Yard Cars Are Breaking My Heart

1/29/2018 - Light-Colored Cars May Be Safer In Our Autonomous Future But Dark Cars Aren't Going Away

1/29/2018 - How Goodyear Hid Evidence Of 'The Worst Tire Made In History' Linked To At Least 9 Deaths

1/29/2018 - Your Most Heart-Wrenching Stories Of Seeing Your Old Cars Again

1/29/2018 - The Only Thing You Want In Life Now Is This Truck

1/29/2018 - Here's How You Can And Should Report Shady Dealerships To The FTC

1/29/2018 - German Automakers Reportedly Forced Humans To Breathe Toxic Diesel Fumes In Tests, Too 

1/29/2018 - This Photographer Hit By A Rally Car Shows Why You Never Stand On The Outside Of A Corner

1/29/2018 - Dungen -- 'Det Du Tänker Idag Är Du I Morgon'

1/29/2018 - At $3,000, Is This 1989 Cadillac Allanté A Winner?

1/28/2018 - Convicted Payday Loan Mogul Scott Tucker Has Absolutely No Remorse

1/28/2018 - Jaguar's XJR-15 Was A Le Mans Prototype For The Road

1/28/2018 - IMSA Really Messed Up Their Balance Of Performance At Daytona This Weekend

1/28/2018 - The Jalopnik Bump Was Still Pretty Nice For The No. 69 Acura NSX GT3

1/28/2018 - All Of The Cool Little Details On The New BMW M8 GTE That Debuted At Daytona

1/28/2018 - No. 5 Cadillac Prototype Wins The 24 Hours Of Daytona And Sets A New Record

1/28/2018 - Orlando Bloom Can't Handle The Power Of A Formula E Car

1/28/2018 - Please Do Not Buy This $30,000 Toyota MR2

1/28/2018 - This Year's 24 Hours Of Daytona Is The Most-Attended One In Years

1/28/2018 - Mazda Is Looking To Buy A Pristine 1995 Millenia S If You Have One

1/28/2018 - I Really Hope Fernando Alonso Isn't Cursed But He's Having Fun At Daytona

1/28/2018 - Let's Try To Find This Stolen Classic Mustang

1/28/2018 - Last Year's Rolex 24 Winners Already Retired Because Their Tires Kept Failing

1/28/2018 - This Autobianchi Bianchina Cabriolet Is Packed With Italian Charm

1/28/2018 - Billionaire Elon Musk Is Arming 20,000 Of His Followers With Flamethrowers (Updated)

1/27/2018 - New Lego Speed Champions Sets Include Historic Porsches, Mustangs and Ferraris

1/27/2018 - The 24 Hours Of Daytona Started With A Car Crashing On The Formation Lap

1/27/2018 - Just Try To Match The 1985 Plymouth Caravelle

1/27/2018 - The 2018 Volkswagen Up GTI Is The Best New Performance Car We Don’t Get

1/27/2018 - A Close Look At The 2019 Ram 1500's Coolest Tech

1/27/2018 - Show Us The Cars You're Too Embarrassed To Buy

1/27/2018 - Don't Let The Sun Set On This 1986 Plymouth Horizon

1/27/2018 - Start Off The Weekend Right With The 24 Hours Of Daytona

1/26/2018 - One Carmaker You've Never Heard Of Made Both The Most Beautiful And Ugliest Cars Ever

1/26/2018 - The Jalopnik Bump For The 24 Hours Of Daytona Is On The Nice No. 69 Acura NSX GT3

1/26/2018 - The 2019 Ram 1500's Colossal Cab Is Full Of Cool Stuff

1/26/2018 - F1 Could Push Back Start Times So All Of Us Lazy People Have No Excuse For Sleeping Through It

1/26/2018 - You Should Be Importing Ford Falcons

1/26/2018 - Comment Of The Day: Dangerous Journey Edition

1/26/2018 - We Want To Show Off Your Best Instagram Posts With #DriveFreeOrDie

1/26/2018 - It's Finally Time To Talk About Exhaust Tips

1/26/2018 - This Team Racing Daytona Started In The 24 Hours Of Lemons

1/26/2018 - All The Craigslist Shitboxes Readers Have Been Tempting Me With Lately (Vol. 6)

1/26/2018 - Watch The World's Best Drivers Struggle To Stay On The Road At Rallye Monte Carlo

1/26/2018 - American Airlines Will Start Serving Free Booze On Flights From Chicago To New York

1/26/2018 - Here’s How Actual ‘Blinker Fluid’ Could Work

1/26/2018 - The 2018 Honda Accord Makes Normal Feel So Good

1/26/2018 - That's Not A Tank: An Explainer

1/26/2018 - The Key To A Good Race Isn't A Car At All

1/26/2018 - The EPA Confirms The 2018 Nissan Leaf Has A Range Of 151 Miles

1/26/2018 - Chris Harris Gets Knocked Through A Wall In This New Top Gear Season 25 Trailer

1/26/2018 - I Got All New Life Goals When I Saw This Rally Porsche On A Frozen Lake

1/26/2018 - Drag Racing In Japan Is Insane

1/26/2018 - ICE Will Soon Be Tracking License Plates Across The U.S. 

1/26/2018 - Owner Has To Explain That His Cats Love Riding On The Hood Of His Car After Someone Calls The Cops

1/26/2018 - Did You Know That Last Year 89,470 Americans Bought A Dodge Journey?

1/26/2018 - Lexus LC Convertible And LC F Are Coming: Report

1/26/2018 - Here's How To Do A Tune-Up On A Modern Gasoline Car

1/26/2018 - A Third Of Car Trade-Ins Are Now Utterly Worthless On Paper

1/26/2018 - King Crimson -- 'Red'

1/26/2018 - At $13,500, Would You 'Pickup' This Custom 1979 Chevy Corvette?

1/25/2018 - Quick Question: Would You Wear A Car As Pants?

1/25/2018 - How To Drive A Right-Hand-Drive Car

1/25/2018 - Interior Trims, Ranked

1/25/2018 - Ten Monkeys Were Forced To Breathe Diesel Fumes In Strange German Automaker Lobbying Effort: Report

1/25/2018 - Congestion Pricing Might Finally Be Coming For Manhattan But Let's Not Get Too Excited Just Yet

1/25/2018 - Comment Of The Day: Patience Edition

1/25/2018 - Tesla's Making Model 3 Batteries By Hand Amid More Gigafactory Problems: Report

1/25/2018 - No Carmaker Has The Guts To Make A Chevrolet 454 SS Today

1/25/2018 - I'm At The 24 Hours Of Daytona Because Why On Earth Would I Be Anywhere Else This Week?

1/25/2018 - You Can Now Take A Course In Engineering 'Flying Cars' 

1/25/2018 - I Crawled Under The 2019 Mercedes G-Class With One Of Mercedes' Head Engineers

1/25/2018 - I Drove A $169,000 Ford Mustang And My Favorite Part Was Everything

1/25/2018 - A Mercedes Founder And Car Industry Godfather Once Got Into A Police Chase In A Powerboat

1/25/2018 - It's Time To Finally Define 'Supercar' And 'Hypercar'

1/25/2018 - Engineer In Deadly Amtrak Derailment Says He Planned To Brake Before Curve But Missed A Sign

1/25/2018 - McLaren Made 10 Road Cars That Look Like Race Cars But Aren't

1/25/2018 - My $800 Jeep Grand Wagoneer Off-Road Project May Not Be As Doomed As I Thought

1/25/2018 - Behold The Unholy Beast That Is This Aston Martin V8 Vantage Rally Car

1/25/2018 - I Regret Buying My Responsible Camry And Want Something Fun! What Car Should I Buy?

1/25/2018 - I Love Pretty Much Everything About This Old Guy And His Steam-Powered Land Rover

1/25/2018 - The 2018 Lincoln Continental Is The Car Lincoln Should've Made 20 Years Ago

1/25/2018 - Ford Has An Idea For An Autonomous Police Car That Could Find A Hiding Spot 

1/25/2018 - Everything We Can't Wait To See At The 24 Hours Of Daytona

1/25/2018 - Here's The Latest Look At Croatian Startup Rimac's New Electric Supercar 

1/25/2018 - Ford Is Having Trouble With This Whole 'Profit' Thing

1/25/2018 - All The Cool Stuff We're Excited About On The 2019 Chevrolet Silverado

1/25/2018 - Last Dinosaurs -- 'Evie'

1/25/2018 - For $3,000, Is This 1995 Eagle Summit Worth Reaching?

1/24/2018 - Rap Vs. Country Music: Which Has Better Car Callouts?

1/24/2018 - Commercial Airlines Found A Way To Make Using The Bathroom Even Worse

1/24/2018 - These Are The Most Useless Possible Dashboard Gauges

1/24/2018 - The First Production Front-Wheel Drive Car (For Once) Wasn't Lying About Being All-New

1/24/2018 - Faraday Future Demands ‘Loyalty’ And No ‘Negativity’ As It Fires HR Chief

1/24/2018 - Comment Of The Day: They Have The High Ground Edition

1/24/2018 - Porsche Knew Everyone Would Hate The First Water-Cooled 911

1/24/2018 - Lawsuit Says Florida Valet Handed Keys For $300,000 Ferrari To The Wrong Driver

1/24/2018 - BMW i5 Dead As Mini Looks To China For The Future: Report

1/24/2018 - Drivers Claim That Waze GPS App Instructed Them To Drive Into A Lake 

1/24/2018 - We Can Only Hope The Next Bronco Is As Cool As The New Two-Door Range Rover

1/24/2018 - Get Ready To See Leaked Photos Of The New Rolls-Royce SUV This Summer

1/24/2018 - Holy Crap The Thai Military Still Uses Volkswagen Things

1/24/2018 - The Story Behind The Honda Ridgeline's Wildly, Unusually Detailed Wikipedia Page

1/24/2018 - Here's A Tesla Semi In The Wild 

1/24/2018 - It's Infrastructure Week, Again!!!

1/24/2018 - 'Stupid' BMW Driver Takes Off After Giving Police All Of His Identifying Information

1/24/2018 - Mercedes C63 AMG Owner Is Tired Of Your Misconceptions Of Its Exhaust Note

1/24/2018 - Lotus CEO Nailed At 102 MPH Said He Needs To Test Cars Himself

1/24/2018 - Only Half Of Drivers Want Semi-Autonomous Tech In Their Next Vehicle

1/24/2018 - New F1 Team Principal Called Off Deal For Honda's Terrible Engines An Hour Into The Job

1/24/2018 - How Fiat Chrysler And The UAW Allegedly Combined To Make The Worst Kind Of Union

1/24/2018 - Watch A School Bus Slide Out Of Control On Ice

1/24/2018 - This Video Tour Explains Why The BMW E34 M5 Deserves A Lot More Love

1/24/2018 - What Was It Like Seeing Your Car Again After You Sold It?

1/24/2018 - Jawbreaker — ‘Shield Your Eyes’

1/24/2018 - At $16,000, Could You See This 2006 Subaru Forester For The Tease?

1/23/2018 - What The Hell Is Going On With This BMW M Coupe Brochure

1/23/2018 - Road Shut Down After Corn Silo Collapses, Spilling 10,000 Tons Of Corn

1/23/2018 - This Might Be The Rumored 700 HP Ferrari 488 GTO Way Before You're Supposed To See It

1/23/2018 - The Sickening Squeal Of This RWD VW Golf Shredding Tires Will Keep You Awake At Night

1/23/2018 - Motorcyclist Sues GM Over Crash With Self-Driving Chevy Bolt

1/23/2018 - This Honda Fashion Line At Forever 21 Is... Unique

1/23/2018 - Comment Of The Day: UNO What To Do Edition

1/23/2018 - Uber CEO Says You Should ‘Aggressively’ Tip Drivers But Doesn’t Explain Why They Aren’t Paid Enough To Begin With

1/23/2018 - Here's The Confusing Difference Between Braking In 2WD And 4WD Modes

1/23/2018 - I Finally Experienced Instant Highway Karma And It Was Glorious

1/23/2018 - Ford Says 'About 27,000' Focus RSes Could Have Bad Head Gaskets

1/23/2018 - Everything That's Delightful About My Imported 1990 Nissan Pao So Far

1/23/2018 - These Cars Sat Abandoned In A Mysterious 'Robot' Parking Garage For 15 Years

1/23/2018 - In 1980, Nissan Was Hard At Work On The Leopard

1/23/2018 - This Slantnose 1969 Porsche Custom Is A God Arrow Of Righteous Speed

1/23/2018 - How Elon Musk Could Make Billions Of Dollars Off Tesla's New Compensation Plan

1/23/2018 - Here Are The Rudest Things Idiots Have Said About Your Car

1/23/2018 - The Corvettes Are Taking Over Drifting

1/23/2018 - PSA: You Can't Just Strap Shit To Your Roof With One Rope

1/23/2018 - You Can Get A 412 Horsepower 5.0 Ford Mustang For Half The Price Of A New One

1/23/2018 - NASCAR Just Made Its New Road Course-Oval Track Layout A Lot Less Cool

1/23/2018 - Tesla Driver Who Slammed Into Parked Firetruck On California Freeway Says Car Was On Autopilot (UPDATED)

1/23/2018 - Never Ever Agree To Let Someone Make Payments When They Buy Your Car

1/23/2018 - Elon Musk Plans To Stay With Tesla For The Long Haul, And Take $0 Home

1/23/2018 - Find Out Which Honda Civic Type R Is The Drag Racing Champion

1/23/2018 - Fatboy Slim -- 'Weapon Of Choice'

1/23/2018 - At $2,000, Could This Euro-Spec Import 1983 Mercedes 380SE Find A Way Into Your Heart?

1/22/2018 - Meh Car Monday: The Fine, Decent And Confusing Triumph Acclaim

1/22/2018 - Stop Paying So Much For Silly Cars

1/22/2018 - The Buick GNX Was The Raddest Muscle Car Of The '80s

1/22/2018 - Comment Of The Day: Values Edition

1/22/2018 - Ford Finally Issued A Fix For The Failing Focus RS Head Gaskets

1/22/2018 - Someone Please Buy Me This Nissan 350Z From Tokyo Drift So I Can Be The Next Drift King

1/22/2018 - Danica Patrick Now Has A Seat And A Team For The Daytona 500

1/22/2018 - Here Are The Top Five 'Back To School' Cars

1/22/2018 - Is The Spindle Grille Killing Lexus Sales?

1/22/2018 - Peugeot Citroën Is Coming Back To The U.S., So What Do They Make That We Actually Want?

1/22/2018 - Show Us The Worst Cars You've Driven In Bad Weather

1/22/2018 - The Amazing Story Of The Porsche-Blessed East German Home-Built Porsche 356 Knockoffs 

1/22/2018 - Bugatti Wants To 3D Print The Chiron's Brake Calipers

1/22/2018 - Watch The New Ford GT Absolutely Destroy A Car And Driver Lightning Lap At VIR

1/22/2018 - The 2018 Tokyo Auto Salon Is A Delightful Celebration Of Weirdness

1/22/2018 - Let's Try To Find This 16-Year-Old's Stolen Jeep

1/22/2018 - Here's What China's GAC Has To Do To Sell Cars In America

1/22/2018 - What Do You Want To Know About The Mercedes-Maybach S560?

1/22/2018 - Mitch Murder -- 'Ocean Avenue' 

1/22/2018 - At $4,000, Would You Break A Sweat Over This 1986 Honda Civic Si?

1/21/2018 - The First 2019 Corvette ZR1 Just Sold For $925,000

1/21/2018 - Campagnolo's 40802 Might Be The Coolest Wheel In History

1/21/2018 - Carlos Sainz Finds Dakar Victory As Peugeot Ends Program

1/21/2018 - GM Tried To Conquer Winter Driving With Space-Age Liquid Tire Chain

1/21/2018 - Here's How Much Power A $200 Mercedes AMG C43 Makes On The Dyno Today

1/21/2018 - Rod Millen's Pikes Peak Celica Is Still Tearing Up Hills

1/21/2018 - This BMW Bertone Freeclimber Could Be Your Rocky Path To Rad Overlanding 

1/20/2018 - Bob Lutz Thinks The Model S Will Be Collectable After Tesla 'Went Broke'

1/20/2018 - This Chrysler TC By Maserati Could Be Your Italian K-Car

1/20/2018 - The First 2019 Ford Mustang Bullitt Just Fetched $300,000 At Auction

1/20/2018 - The 1977 Ford LTD Is Anything But Down-Sized

1/20/2018 - Show Us Your Summer Dream Cars

1/20/2018 - I Will Never Be As Tough As The Dakar Rider Who Won A Stage With A Busted Knee

1/20/2018 - Weekend Motorsports Roundup, Jan. 20-21, 2018

1/19/2018 - The Chrysler Neon Concept Car Is So Much Cooler Than You Remember

1/19/2018 - Automated Parking Lift Nightmarishly Smashes This Guy's Jaguar F-Type R (Updated)

1/19/2018 - Quick Question: If You Could Breed Cars Like Animals, What Would You Breed?

1/19/2018 - The Plural Of Prius Is Actually 'Prii,' According To Toyota

1/19/2018 - Boss Of Automaker With Most-Hated Infotainment System Ever Talks Shit On Apple CarPlay

1/19/2018 - Comment Of The Day: Old Skis Edition

1/19/2018 - My Favorite Car At The Detroit Auto Show Was A Joke

1/19/2018 - Owl Stuck In SUV Grille During 160-Mile Ride Should Be Fine

1/19/2018 - Formula Drift On Film

1/19/2018 - What’s The First Car You Were Obsessed With?

1/19/2018 - The Mystery Of The Daihatsu Taft's Name May Be Solved

1/19/2018 - Having Driven The 2018 Mercedes-Benz S-Class Coupe, I No Longer Care For Other Vehicles

1/19/2018 - Here's How To Fix Your Broken Electric Door Lock For Free

1/19/2018 - Crazy Rumor Says The Ferrari 488 GTO Will Have 700 HP And Outrun A LaFerrari

1/19/2018 - This Unholy Child Of A Miata And A Snowmobile Is Your New Winter King

1/19/2018 - Why Liberty Walk Made The Most Outrageous Lamborghini Miura Ever

1/19/2018 - Hungry And Drunk Florida Man Arrested For DUI When He Mistook Bank For Taco Bell

1/19/2018 - Why Infiniti's Design Boss Says Beautiful Sedans Aren't Dead Yet

1/19/2018 - Benetton's 1997 Formula One Car Has A Satisfying, Naturally-Aspirated Howl

1/19/2018 - Driver Who Crashed Corvette Z06 Into Tree Sentenced To Nine Months In Jail

1/19/2018 - Peugeot-Citroën Really Wants Back In On The U.S. Market

1/19/2018 - This Horrifying Accident On A Detroit Freeway Hits Too Close To Home

1/19/2018 - Lexus Knows Everyone Wants A New LFA

1/19/2018 - The Weeknd -- 'Losers'

1/19/2018 - At $23,000, Is This 2006 Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX MR A Memorable Ride?

1/18/2018 - Important Reminder: You Could Order The BMW 8 Series In Yellow

1/18/2018 - I Am Still Mad At The Last Chevrolet Monte Carlos

1/18/2018 - Sun Visors Suck But I Know How To Make Them Better

1/18/2018 - Customers Unknowingly Pump The Wrong Fuel At Gas Station In Maine

1/18/2018 - Comment Of The Day: Petty Revenge Edition

1/18/2018 - Here Are A Few Tips For When A Bird Poops On Your Car

1/18/2018 - A Press Photo Of The 2019 Ram Rebel May Hint At An Upcoming Hellcat Truck

1/18/2018 - Here’s What Happens When A Volkswagen Up GTI Tries To Keep Up With A Madman In A Citroën 2CV Van

1/18/2018 - So Apparently People Really Like To Steal Third-Row Seats

1/18/2018 - Shipment Of Molasses Begins Turning Into Rum

1/18/2018 - Holy Crap You Have To See This Ridiculous Commercial For The Fuel Shark

1/18/2018 - Audacious Thieves Make Off With $80,000 Camera Designed To Catch Speedy Drivers

1/18/2018 - Help! Wrenching On Cars Is Wrecking My Wardrobe

1/18/2018 - That Fleet Of Electric Cars The LAPD Paid At Least $2.9 Million For? It's Barely Touched Them

1/18/2018 - This Adorably Intense Japanese Yaris Race Is Everything That's Right About Motorsports

1/18/2018 - Here's Who Won The 2018 Detroit Auto Show

1/18/2018 - If Dale Earnhardt Jr. Can't Drive In A Southern Snowstorm You Shouldn't Either

1/18/2018 - I Need An Affordable Adventure Vehicle To Travel Cross Country! What Car Should I Buy?

1/18/2018 - Former Uber CEO Began 'Squirming On The Floor' In Response To Video Of Him Berating A Driver

1/18/2018 - Now Uber Says It Also Could Deploy Cars Without A Driver As Early As 2019

1/18/2018 - At Least McLaren Says It Won't Build An SUV

1/18/2018 - Why Washington May Kill China’s Car Entry Into The U.S. Before It Happens

1/18/2018 - Snow Toyota Supra Fools Canadian Police

1/18/2018 - Two Suspects Arrested In Times Square Mercedes Burnout Incident That Injured Cop

1/18/2018 - The Thermals — 'No Culture Icons'

1/18/2018 - At $26,995, Is This Custom 1990 V8 Mazda Miata A Total Work Of NART?

1/17/2018 - Which Is Your Favorite Ford Mustang Bullitt Edition?

1/17/2018 - I Really Hope Preservation Becomes A Trend In The Off-Road World

1/17/2018 - One Of You Nut Jobs Will Buy This Cheap Audi S6 Avant

1/17/2018 - BMW Wants To Turn Apple CarPlay Into A Subscription Service 

1/17/2018 - Comment Of The Day: New World Order Edition

1/17/2018 - All The Craigslist Shitboxes Readers Have Been Tempting Me With Lately (Vol. 5)

1/17/2018 - A Breakdown Of Torque Vs Horsepower Using Toy Cars And Fun Charts

1/17/2018 - On A List Of Cars That Needed More Horsepower, The Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 Was At The Top

1/17/2018 - The 2018 Mini Countryman Plug-In Makes A Case For Short Range Hybrids

1/17/2018 - Two More High-Ranking Tesla Employees Are Out Amid Model 3 Production Issues

1/17/2018 - Hyundai's N Performance Line Has A Good Reason For Not Caring About Nürburgring Times 

1/17/2018 - Here's Why Space Starts At 62 Miles Up

1/17/2018 - This 1995 Acura Brochure Is Untarnished Beauty

1/17/2018 - A Ton More Small Mercedes Crossovers Coming Because Gas Will Be Cheap Always And Leases Never End

1/17/2018 - Ferrari's CEO Is Either Dreadfully Indecisive Or Playing Us All

1/17/2018 - You Should Daily Drive A NASCAR Race Truck

1/17/2018 - I Almost Feel Bad For The Guys Who Broke This Navy Helicopter

1/17/2018 - Toyota Finds No Problems After Supplier Reveals It Made Wonky Metal 

1/17/2018 - What It Takes To Race In The Indy 500

1/17/2018 - Englishtown Raceway Abruptly Closes Its NHRA Drag Strip

1/17/2018 - Land Rover Is Stuffing 400 HP V8s Into Vintage Defenders 

1/17/2018 - All Those Small Crossovers We’re Buying Have A Depreciation Problem

1/17/2018 - Here Is How Cadillac Finally Figured Out How To Take On The Germans

1/17/2018 - Infiniti To Go Electric And Hybrid After 2021, Leaving Radical Engine Plans Up In The Air

1/17/2018 - Las Ligas Menores -- 'Renault Fuego'

1/17/2018 - For $10,000, Could This 1977 MGB V8 Conversion Convert You Into A British Believer?

1/16/2018 - Dashcams And Doorbell Cams Capture The Big Detroit Meteor Of 2018

1/16/2018 - Amish Snow-Nuts Look Like A Blast

1/16/2018 - This Guy May Have Built An Indestructible Toyota Corolla AE86

1/16/2018 - There's New, Terrifying Video Of That Car Crash Jumping A Bus Into A Second-Story Office

1/16/2018 - Dakar Rider Threatens Legal Action Against Competitor For Allegedly Hitting Him Mid-Race

1/16/2018 - The 2019 Kia Forte Isn't Any More Powerful But At Least It's Hot Now

1/16/2018 - Comment Of The Day: Sweet Dreams Edition

1/16/2018 - Your Dream Of A Four-Door Electric BMW Isetta Is Waiting For You In China

1/16/2018 - Dale Earnhardt Jr. Will Be On The Broadcast Team For The Winter Olympics, Of All Things

1/16/2018 - We Got Up Close And Personal With The Original Bullitt Mustang

1/16/2018 - One Of You Maniacs Really Bought A BMW E30 M3 For $102,000

1/16/2018 - The 2019 Chevrolet Silverado Is A Triumph Of Space Utilization

1/16/2018 - China's GAC, Which Has A Huge Display In Detroit, Aims To Sell Cars In The U.S. In 2019

1/16/2018 - What Is The Rudest Thing Someone Has Ever Said To You About Your Car?

1/16/2018 - Ferrari Claims It Will Make An SUV That Will 'Drive Like A Ferrari'

1/16/2018 - My Ride In A Self-Driving Lyft Showed How Far Autonomous Tech Still Has To Go

1/16/2018 - Beep Beep The Remote Control Car Wants To Play With The Big Cars

1/16/2018 - Hawaii's Missile Warning System Looks Much Worse Than You Thought

1/16/2018 - All The Innovative Ways Dan Gurney Shaped Racing As We Know It Today

1/16/2018 - Here Are The 2019 Ram 1500's Easter Eggs

1/16/2018 - Fired Uber Engineer Allegedly Paid For Tesla Secrets, Considered Fleeing To Canada 

1/16/2018 - Acura Is Bringing Back The Type-S Performance Line

1/16/2018 - These Are Your Worst Stories Of Getting Ripped Off 

1/16/2018 - Volkswagen Hit Record Sales In 2017 Despite Its Global Emissions Scandal 

1/16/2018 - Here's China's New Seven-Seat Jeep Grand Commander Before Its Planned Launch In April

1/16/2018 - The World's Biggest Passenger Airplane Might Soon Be Dead

1/16/2018 - For $1,995, Could You Fall For This Luxurious 1988 Lincoln Mk VII LSC?

1/16/2018 - The 2019 Jeep Cherokee Gets The Wrangler's 270 HP Turbo Engine

1/15/2018 - The 2018 BMW X2 Has The Most Honest Car Design Of 2018

1/15/2018 - The 2020 Ford Mustang Shelby GT500 Will Be The Most Powerful Ever With Over 700 HP

1/15/2018 - F1's New Logo Is Under Fire Because It Sort Of Looks Like A Logo For Really Tight Socks

1/15/2018 - Comment Of The Day: Fish Are Funny Edition

1/15/2018 - Stop Doing This Shit With Semi-Autonomous Cars

1/15/2018 - Steve McQueen Repeatedly Tried And Failed To Buy Back The Bullitt Mustang

1/15/2018 - Of Course F1 Is Backpedaling On Getting Rid Of Grid Girls 

1/15/2018 - Who The Fuck Did This

1/15/2018 - Toyota Partially Gives Up Their Fight Against What People Actually Want In Their Cars And Begins Support Of Apple CarPlay

1/15/2018 - Man Stops His Truck And Decides To Go For A Skate On The Highway

1/15/2018 - Reminder: Bullitt Wasn't A Great Movie

1/15/2018 - Here's Your Chance To Buy The World's Fastest Motorized Log

1/15/2018 - Do Not Clap At Press Conferences

1/15/2018 - Nissan's Newest Take On Autonomous Driving: A Fish Tells You Where To Go

1/15/2018 - The 275 Horsepower 2019 Hyundai Veloster N Is Ready To Attack The Other Hot Hatches

1/15/2018 - The 2019 Hyundai Veloster Keeps It Weird And Adds More Power

1/15/2018 - The 2019 Acura RDX Is The Most American Japanese Car Yet

1/15/2018 - The Nissan Xmotion Concept Is Neither A New Z Nor A New GT-R

1/15/2018 - Rinspeed's Snap Perfectly Captures What Can Be Done With An Autonomous Car

1/15/2018 - The 2019 Ram Hybrid Could Hit A Decent 22 MPG Combined

1/15/2018 - Drugged Driver Manages To Crash Car Into Second Story Of Building (Updated)

1/15/2018 - I Don't Care About Anything Else, I'm Excited For These Straight-Six AMGs

1/15/2018 - Amid The Glitz And Glamor Of The Detroit Auto Show, Let Us Ponder How Close Doomsday Is

1/15/2018 - Lexus LF-1 Limitless Concept: Behold The Opulent Flagship Crossover Future

1/15/2018 - The Mercedes-AMG 53 Series Adds Electric Speed To AMG

1/15/2018 - The Infiniti Q Inspiration Concept Previews A Future That's Actually Interesting

1/15/2018 - Marvin Gaye -- 'I Heard It Through The Grapevine'

1/15/2018 - At $2,500, Could This 5.7-Powered 1985 Mazda RX7 Be The Prescription For Fun?

1/15/2018 - 2019 Toyota Avalon: We're Still Doing This One, Huh

1/15/2018 - The 2019 Ram 1500 Gets Hybrid Tech And An Insane 12-Inch Touchscreen

1/14/2018 - The New Mercedes-Benz G-Class Has A Lot Of Changes Except For The Cool Door Locks

1/14/2018 - The 2019 Volkswagen Jetta Gets Bigger And Hopefully Better

1/14/2018 - Video Shows NYPD Cop Get Hit By A Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG Drifting Through Times Square

1/14/2018 - American Racing Legend Dan Gurney Dies At 86

1/14/2018 - A Ford Mach 1 Battery Electric Performance Car Is Coming In 2020

1/14/2018 - The 2019 Ford Mustang Bullitt Is Real And It Looks Perfect

1/14/2018 - Once Again You're Faster Than A Jalopnik Writer

1/14/2018 - Two-Liter Screamer Ford Escort RS2000 Rips Up Hillclimb Course

1/14/2018 - Check Out All Of This Awesome Stuff From The Tokyo Auto Salon

1/14/2018 - Australians Fall In Love With 17-Hour Live Train Video 

1/14/2018 - You Should Come To The Sketchbattle In Detroit This Week Because It's For Charity And Also Awesome

1/14/2018 - At The Halfway Point, Carlos Sainz Inherits Dakar Lead

1/14/2018 - Here Are All Of The 2018 LMP1 Competitors

1/14/2018 - You Don't Have To Be In The Academy To Win This OSCA

1/14/2018 - The Ford Ranger Is Finally Back

1/13/2018 - The 2019 Chevy Silverado 1500 Is Getting A Diesel

1/13/2018 - Here's How An Alfa Romeo Giulia Performs In A Crash Test

1/13/2018 - IROC And Roll With The 1986 Camaro IROC-Z

1/13/2018 - This Boeing 777 Model Is Made Out Of Paper

1/13/2018 - Show Us Your Favorite Concept Cars

1/13/2018 - This JDM Jimny Could Be Your Tiny Turbo Terror

1/13/2018 - Weekend Motorsports Roundup, Jan. 13-14, 2018

1/12/2018 - What Are You Looking Forward To Most From The Detroit Auto Show?

1/12/2018 - Why Snow Rallies In America Are So Much Gnarlier Than In The Rest Of The World

1/12/2018 - Skier Powered By Car Fails

1/12/2018 - The Most Underrated Mechanic's Tool: The Headlamp

1/12/2018 - Volkswagen Is Doing Color Right For A Change

1/12/2018 - Nude Swimming Canceled Because Someone Threatened To Hurt The Cars

1/12/2018 - Comment Of The Day: Weird View Mirrors Edition

1/12/2018 - The New Toyota Supra Will Finally Debut At The Geneva Motor Show: Report

1/12/2018 - Spend Your Saturday Night With Jalopnik In Detroit

1/12/2018 - Tesla's Being Sued Again In Norway Over False Marketing Claims On The Model S

1/12/2018 - Subaru Brought An Extremely Good Lineup To The Tokyo Auto Salon

1/12/2018 - Police Joke About Jon Gruden After Ticketing Carpool-Lane Driver With Chucky Doll In Front Seat

1/12/2018 - Toyota's Racing Team Has The Right Idea About The Future Of Cars

1/12/2018 - GM Really Phoned It In For The Design Of Their Driverless Car

1/12/2018 - My $800 Jeep Grand Wagoneer Runs For The First Time In 12 Years But My Project Is Still Doomed 

1/12/2018 - Life, Uh, Finds A Way

1/12/2018 - Here's The 2019 Ram 1500 Before You're Supposed To See It

1/12/2018 - Would You Rather: Alf Standee Lovemaking Or Unwanted Birthmark Edition

1/12/2018 - The Subaru Viziv Performance STI Concept Probably Isn't The Future But It's Awesome Anyway

1/12/2018 - Watch A Truck Full Of Hay Accidentally Take Down A Cycling Race Finish Line

1/12/2018 - Sometimes You Just Gotta Drum

1/12/2018 - Here’s How GM Plans To Use The Car With No Steering Wheel

1/12/2018 - Toyota's 1,000 Horsepower Road-Legal Racecar Concept Would Kick Mercedes And Aston Into The Trash

1/12/2018 - At $9,750, Could This 1991 VW T4 Transporter Have You Sitting By The Doka The Bay?

1/11/2018 - Here’s The First Exclusive Image Of GM’s Driverless Car Without A Steering Wheel (UPDATED)

1/11/2018 - What's The Best Hand-Me-Down Car?

1/11/2018 - The Deadly Phenomenon They Don't Teach You In Driver's Ed

1/11/2018 - The Crazy Dipshit President Of Turkmenistan Just Banned Women From Driving

1/11/2018 - Comment Of The Day: It's Not Rocket Science Edition

1/11/2018 - General Motors Will Unveil A Driverless Concept Car Tomorrow With No Steering Wheel Or Pedals

1/11/2018 - Ford Is Urging 2,900 Ranger Drivers To Stop Driving Right Now

1/11/2018 - Hey, Here's Something Fantastic: A Volkswagen-Powered Isetta Truck

1/11/2018 - California Mudslides Turn A Prius Into A Waterpark Ride

1/11/2018 - Russian Guy Crashes Armored Personnel Carrier Into Store, Steals Wine, Flattens Daewoo

1/11/2018 - Fisker's New Electric Car Bet Will Come Down To The Battery—And Those Doors

1/11/2018 - Porsche Is Developing An All-Electric Sports And Supercar Platform: Report

1/11/2018 - How This Tiny Virginia Company Is Running Circles Around The Self-Driving Car Industry

1/11/2018 - Let The Man Drive

1/11/2018 - Dakar Team Finishes The Last 24 Miles Of The Day With Only Two Front Tires

1/11/2018 - The World Rally Championship Will Stream Every Stage In 2018

1/11/2018 - I Need A Commuter That Matches Some Of The Other Weirdos I've Got! What Car Should I Buy?

1/11/2018 - Turns Out Uber Had Yet Another Secret Program To Thwart Police Raids: Report

1/11/2018 - This Is What Happens When You Buy A Ford Crown Vic Police Interceptor And Modify The Hell Out Of It

1/11/2018 - Joyless Town Wants Grandmother To Take Volkswagen Beetle Out Of Tree

1/11/2018 - This Is What A Nuclear 'Fizzle' Looks Like

1/11/2018 - Let Me Tell You What's A Real Righteous Rocket Craft: The Mazda 323 GTX

1/11/2018 - Being On This Cruise Ship Caught In The 'Bomb Cyclone' Is My Personal Hell

1/11/2018 - Honda Wants To Make Hybrids Normal

1/11/2018 - Blue Öyster Cult -- '(Don't Fear) The Reaper'

1/11/2018 - AT $18,000, Could This 6-Wheeled 1982 Jeep Cherokee Be The Ultimate Off Roader?

1/11/2018 - 2019 Ford Edge ST: So This Is Happening

1/10/2018 - Watching The 2009 Rally Norway Is Probably Going To Put Me In A Snowbank This Winter

1/10/2018 - Which Chassis Code Has The Highest Number?

1/10/2018 - The Very First Land Rover Has Been Unearthed

1/10/2018 - Working On A New York City Garbage Truck Sounds Utterly Nightmarish

1/10/2018 - New Amazon Documentary Series Goes Inside McLaren's Awful 2017 F1 Season

1/10/2018 - Dumbest HOA Ever Gives Up On Open Garage Door Policy

1/10/2018 - Comment Of The Day: Great Companies Start Anywhere Edition

1/10/2018 - A Reminder That If You're Cool You'll Come Karting With Us In Detroit On Saturday

1/10/2018 - Lawsuit Accuses Ford Of Cheating Diesel Emissions On 500,000 Trucks

1/10/2018 - Adorable Gentleman Issues Press Release Because He Put A Hood Ornament On His Car

1/10/2018 - Make This Stop

1/10/2018 - This Club For Old Vans Is More Organized Than You And Your Friends

1/10/2018 - These Things On Prototype Cars Aren't Cameras

1/10/2018 - Why People Are Asking Questions About That Bizarre Viral DeLorean Fire

1/10/2018 - Ford Is Bringing A Mysterious New ST Car (Or SUV?) To Detroit

1/10/2018 - Meet The Dazzlingly Ugly Car That May Or May Not Have Been A Scam 

1/10/2018 - It's Surprising That Auto-Parking Tech Has Yet To Be More Widely Adopted

1/10/2018 - This Tractor Is More Fun Than Your Car

1/10/2018 - Of Course F1 Could Use Its New Halo Cockpit-Protection Bar For Ad Space

1/10/2018 - This Year's World Rally Championship Cars Are Already Bad Ass

1/10/2018 - This Is What Happens When Doug DeMuro Gets Grafted Into Initial D

1/10/2018 - Maybe It's Not As Hard As We Thought To Solve The Electric Charging Infrastructure Problem 

1/10/2018 - I Am A Venture Capitalist Now

1/10/2018 - The Detroit Auto Show Still Matters

1/10/2018 - Tesla's Working On A Fix To Stop Its Wipers From Spraying People With Rainwater

1/10/2018 - The Feds May Have Just Confirmed A 2018 Mazda6 With All-Wheel Drive

1/10/2018 - Pete Rock & CL Smooth -- 'They Reminisce Over You'

1/10/2018 - At $2,700, Is This Good Ol' 1983 BMW 320i Good Enough?

1/9/2018 - This JDM Style Rocket Bunny Ford Raptor Is Deeply Disturbing

1/9/2018 - Auto Execs Finally Admit Our Driverless Future Isn’t, Like, Two Years Away

1/9/2018 - At Least 13 Dead As Mudslides Crush Cars And Carry Off Homes In Southern California

1/9/2018 - Toyota And Mazda Picked Alabama For $1.6 Billion Plant: Report

1/9/2018 - Comment Of The Day: Fuel Economy Edition [Update: REVOKED]

1/9/2018 - The 2019 Mini Cooper Is So British It Will Set Up Colonies And Has Very Strong Opinions About Cricket

1/9/2018 - This Is The New BMW 8 Series Way Before You're Supposed To See It

1/9/2018 - Here’s How Refueling During A Record Eight-Hour Drift Turned Out For BMW

1/9/2018 - Here's The New Supra Again, Thinking We Don't Recognize It In Los Angeles Like A Big Dummy

1/9/2018 - Every New Car We're Excited About At The 2018 Detroit Auto Show (Updated)

1/9/2018 - Here's Which Supercar Guzzles The Most Gas, In MPG

1/9/2018 - What The Cadillac CTS-V Can Teach You About New York City Driving

1/9/2018 - Bridge Ices Before Road

1/9/2018 - Listen To A Dealer Tell A Customer His Faulty 2017 Ford Truck Wasn't Designed To Exceed 65 MPH

1/9/2018 - Sometimes Cars Do Explode Like In The Movies

1/9/2018 - These Are The Cars People Keep For 15 Years

1/9/2018 - Watch A Bone Stock Infiniti G35 Shred This Frozen Parking Lot

1/9/2018 - Life Hack: Just Buy All Of The Porsche 964s At Once

1/9/2018 - The New York City Subway Is Hell

1/9/2018 - Something Went Wrong With SpaceX's Billion-Dollar Spy Satellite Launch And No One Wants To Take The Blame

1/9/2018 - The Time Is Right For A Hyundai Supercar

1/9/2018 - Tell Us About The Worst Time You Got Ripped Off With A Car

1/9/2018 - The Story Behind The Gnarliest Exhaust In Recent Memory

1/9/2018 - The 2018 BMW 540d Brings Diesel Back To America Along With A Ton Of Torque

1/9/2018 - General Motors Wants To Actually Make Money Selling Electric Cars By 2021

1/9/2018 - Large Trucks Thwarted By Sand Dune

1/9/2018 - Faraday Future Is Still Here

1/9/2018 - Siouxsie And The Banshees -- The Passenger

1/9/2018 - For $8,495, Could This 1968 Kaiser Jeep M715 Soft Top Find A Place In Your Hard Heart?

1/8/2018 - Meh Car Monday: The Saturn Ion Perfected The Chemistry Of Boring

1/8/2018 - Keying Somebody's Car Is Just About The Worst Thing You Can Do

1/8/2018 - Lockheed Martin May Be Closer To Completing The Hypersonic SR-72 Than We Thought

1/8/2018 - Dumbest HOA Ever Is Allegedly Forcing Residents To Keep Garage Doors Open For Eight Hours A Day

1/8/2018 - Surprise! The Kia Niro EV Concept Is A 238-Mile Range Electric... Crossover

1/8/2018 - Hyundai's New Fuel Cell Crossover Has A Range Of 370 Miles And Is Called The Nexo

1/8/2018 - Comment Of The Day: Head Gasket Blues Edition

1/8/2018 - Here's A Compilation Of All The Times 'Baby' Is Said In Baby Driver 

1/8/2018 - The Original Dodge Viper Is Still The One You Want

1/8/2018 - Your Car's Navigation System Will Soon Be Able To Find A Parking Spot

1/8/2018 - How This Strange Crash Took Out America's Best Shot At The Dakar Rally

1/8/2018 - A Manual Toyota Yaris iA Is Secretly A Super Fun Car

1/8/2018 - Toyota President On Its New Mobility Service: Think How Great It Could Be 'At Burning Man'

1/8/2018 - Putting A $52,000 Armchair In A Dealership Showroom Is A Very Rolls-Royce Thing To Do 

1/8/2018 - The 2018 Mazda 3 May Have The Best No-Bullshit Instrument Cluster Right Now

1/8/2018 - Toyota's E-Palette Mobile Space Brings The Bodega To You

1/8/2018 - Did Ford Install The Wrong Head Gaskets On The Focus RS?

1/8/2018 - This Burnout Champion Brown Holden Ute Is Australia's New King Of The Hoons

1/8/2018 - Japan's Crazy Diverse Car Scene Is In Full Force At The Daikoku New Year Meet

1/8/2018 - BMW Invented Mid-Drift Refueling Just To Reclaim Its Record For World's Longest Drift

1/8/2018 - Here Are Your Predictions For The World Of Cars In 2018

1/8/2018 - A Guide To How You Should Buy Winter Tires

1/8/2018 - This Startup Car Company Wants To Become The Anti-Tesla

1/8/2018 - The 2018 Ford F-150 Diesel Should Score 30 MPG Highway And Make Tons Of Torque

1/8/2018 - Something's Going On With Fiat Chrysler

1/8/2018 - Australia's Roads Are Melting Like Chocolate In Extreme Heat

1/8/2018 - The List Of America's Worst-Selling Cars Of 2017 Is Sad On Multiple Levels

1/8/2018 - Yeasayer--'2080'

1/8/2018 - At $7,500, Could This 1978 Porsche 928 Have You Singing Wake Up Little Butzi?

1/7/2018 - Startup Byton Says EV Crossover Will Cost $45,000 And Keep The Massive Dash Screen

1/7/2018 - BMW Is The Best Car Company, Just Ask BMW

1/7/2018 - Stolen Bottle Of Vodka, Inspired By 1912 Monte Carlo Rally Entrant, Worth $1.3 Million, Recovered Empty And Dented

1/7/2018 - That Low-Ass Bridge Will Not Stop Destroying Vans In 2018

1/7/2018 - Detroit Auto Show Begins Shifting Focus Toward Tech

1/7/2018 - You Have Hereby Been Challenged To A Dual-Ghia

1/7/2018 - This Twitter Bot Finds Sellers Who Know What They Have

1/7/2018 - Fireblade vs. NSX Drag Race Results Might Surprise You 

1/7/2018 - Enkei's RPF1 Looks Great On Almost Anything

1/7/2018 - America's Most Promising Racer At Dakar Suffers Heavy Crash At The Start Of Day Two

1/6/2018 - The Ford Mustang GT Is The Boss For 1983 

1/6/2018 - Hit The Beach With This Custom Craigslist Surf Wagon Abomination

1/6/2018 - Nameless Hero Braves The Blizzard In A Drop-Top Mercedes SL

1/6/2018 - Bask In The Neon Insanity Of These Bosozoku Cars

1/6/2018 - Takata Recalls Another 3.3 Million Airbag Inflators

1/6/2018 - Show Us Pictures Of Your Car In The Snow

1/6/2018 - This Weekend Kicks Off America's Best Shot At Winning The Grueling Dakar Rally

1/6/2018 - Weekend Motorsports Roundup, Jan. 6-7, 2018 

1/5/2018 - These Are The Only New Cars Named After Animals You Can Buy In 2018 America (UPDATED)

1/5/2018 - Huge Plane Lands At Tiny Airport

1/5/2018 - Racer Scott Tucker Sentenced To Over 16 Years In Prison For Illegal Payday Lending Scheme

1/5/2018 - Listen: The Non-GT-R Nissan Skylines Are Excellent Too

1/5/2018 - After Years Of Snubbing The Internet, F1 Is Finally Getting It

1/5/2018 - Comment Of The Day: True Love Edition

1/5/2018 - Watch This BMW Car And BMW Scooter Perform A Brutal Ballet Of Destruction

1/5/2018 - You Don't Need All-Wheel Drive In The Snow

1/5/2018 - You Don't Have To Apply To Ford To Buy This Ford GT

1/5/2018 - Watch The Russian Navy Pull A WWII-Era Tank From The Bottom Of The Sea

1/5/2018 - I'm Going To Sell My Soul And Work In PR To Afford This Maserati Khamsin

1/5/2018 - Watch This Tesla Model X Pull A Semi Truck Up A Snowy Hill

1/5/2018 - We Talk To Jerry Seinfeld About Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee, And Why He Loves MGs And Hates Lexuses

1/5/2018 - The 2018 Audi S4 Is A 354 Horsepower Rocketsled That Proves Sedans Still Rule

1/5/2018 - Tell Me All The Weird Stuff Your Car Does When It's Cold

1/5/2018 - This Is The Most Car-Like Car Interior I've Ever Seen

1/5/2018 - Use Your 444 Horsepower BMW M3 As A Snow Plow

1/5/2018 - Explore The Wilderness With Some Class For A Change In This Mercedes X-Class Camper

1/5/2018 - A Stock 2018 Mustang GT Is A Cheap Way To Get An 11-Second Car

1/5/2018 - The ‘World’s First Electric Ferrari’ With A Wacky Manual Transmission Is Up For Auction This Month

1/5/2018 - This Wild New Year's Day Supercar Meet Is How Japan Rings In 2018

1/5/2018 - Alfa Romeo Technically Did Well In The U.S.

1/5/2018 - The Cars Are Frozen

1/5/2018 - Here Are Six Car Things We're Excited To See At CES Next Week

1/5/2018 - This Is What Happened To A Honda Prelude Engine Flooded In Hurricane Harvey

1/5/2018 - Baby Driver's Red Subaru Is Still Doing Stunts

1/5/2018 - Bruno Mars & Cardi B -- 'Finesse (Remix)'

1/5/2018 - At $3,700, Would You Take This 1986 Nissan Maxima To The Max?

1/4/2018 - Panasonic Could Be Bringing Its Own Concept Car To CES (UPDATED) 

1/4/2018 - Here's Why Alternate Side Parking Gets Suspended When It Snows

1/4/2018 - Your Car Could Use A Boost From Formula One So Buy This Gigantic BMW F1 Turbo Kit

1/4/2018 - All The Good Cars Braving The Brooklyn Snow

1/4/2018 - Some Good News: Aston Martin Had A Record Sales Year In 2017

1/4/2018 - Comment Of The Day: I Live My Life Edition

1/4/2018 - The Subject Of Whether Or Not To Warm Up Your Car Sure Makes People Mad

1/4/2018 - Turkmenistan Just Banned Black Cars Because Their Crazy President Prefers White Ones

1/4/2018 - Terrifying Video Shows People Trapped On Swinging Ski Lift

1/4/2018 - What It Means For Off-Roaders Now That The Mercedes G-Class Is Losing Its Solid Front Axle

1/4/2018 - For The Love Of All That Is Good, Do Not Pour Boiling Water On Your Frozen Car

1/4/2018 - The Age Of Insane Dodge Demon Markups Is Finally Upon Us

1/4/2018 - This Could Be The New BMW Supra But It Definitely Has Cool Taillights

1/4/2018 - How A Car Company Decides If It's Going To Warranty Your Modified Car

1/4/2018 - Are You Faster In A Kart Than Jalopnik? Come Find Out In Detroit Next Weekend!

1/4/2018 - Richard Hammond Destroyed A $280,000 McLaren 720S By Filling Its Gas Tank With Water

1/4/2018 - Behold This Insane V12 Made From Two Toyota 1JZ Engines

1/4/2018 - Here's A Ferrari F40 Winning At Snow

1/4/2018 - I Want A Mean Muscle Machine To Transform Into An Offroad Beast! What Car Should I Buy?

1/4/2018 - Planes Now Safe, So Pilots Fight Each Other And Leave Cockpit Unattended

1/4/2018 - Mazda Files Patent That Could Benefit Everyone Who's Glued To Their Phone While Driving 

1/4/2018 - Ford Cancels The Fusion's Redesign Because No One Gives A Shit About Sedans Anymore

1/4/2018 - Hyundai's Boring Crossover Concept Goes Big On Autonomy And That May Be Fine

1/4/2018 - Long-Range Nissan Leaf Will Reportedly Go 225 Miles

1/4/2018 - California Considers Banning Fossil Fuel Car Sales In 2040

1/4/2018 - New Truck Frozen In Mud Has Only A Few Months Before It's Under Water

1/4/2018 - The Alpine 110 Is A Watershed Moment For Performance Cars

1/4/2018 - Here Are Some Much Cooler Colors For The 2018 BMW M5

1/4/2018 - Deerhoof — 'Running Thoughts'

1/4/2018 - At $17,995, Would You Add This 1996 Cadillac Fleetwood To Your Fleet?

1/4/2018 - The 2019 Mercedes G-Class Doesn't Mess With An Icon Except Under The Skin

1/3/2018 - Things Go Surprisingly Wrong For Driver At Bank Drive Thru

1/3/2018 - The 2019 Mercedes G-Wagen Isn't Too Different, Don't Worry

1/3/2018 - Audis Could Finally Start To Look Different From One Another

1/3/2018 - The Chevy Bolt Outsold The Volt And Now It's Awkward

1/3/2018 - Car Sales In 2017 Weren’t Great And The Future Is Looking Scary

1/3/2018 - Comment Of The Day: The Screens We Need Edition

1/3/2018 - Why There's So Much Rally And Rallycross In The Pacific Northwest

1/3/2018 - Tesla Makes 'Major Progress' Addressing Model 3 Issues But Pushes Back Production Target Again

1/3/2018 - An Unholy New Beetle/PT Cruiser/Woody Mutant Is On Craigslist And Could Be Yours

1/3/2018 - Airlines Are Phasing Out Seat-Back Entertainment Screens Because We Bring Enough Screens With Us

1/3/2018 - Buy This 1979 Trolls Royce To Anger The Rich And Everybody Else

1/3/2018 - David Bowie Owned This Rad Volvo 262C Bertone Coupe And It Just Sold For $216,000

1/3/2018 - Rally Champion Who Mentored Colin McRae Dies After His Plane Collided With A Helicopter 

1/3/2018 - Man Witnesses Miracle Of Childbirth While Handcuffed On The Hood Of His Car After Police Chase

1/3/2018 - Exactly Why You Need To Warm Up Your Car When It's Cold

1/3/2018 - Tesla Has Wall Street Traders In A Complete Frenzy Right Now

1/3/2018 - This High-Flying Porsche Macan Race Truck Exists And Now All Is Right With The World

1/3/2018 - Impatient Passenger Uses Emergency Exit To Leave After Plane Lands

1/3/2018 - Clear The Damn Ice Off Your Entire Windshield

1/3/2018 - Nissan Wants To Use Your Brain To Drive The Car Of The Future

1/3/2018 - What Do You Think Will Happen In The World Of Cars In 2018?

1/3/2018 - A Guide To The Car Startups That Matter

1/3/2018 - Why Drivers Overwhelmingly Choose To Lease Hybrid And Electric Cars Instead Of Buying

1/3/2018 - The Fastest Car That Never Was Just Reappeared Out Of Nowhere

1/3/2018 - The Infiniti Q Inspiration Concept Is The Sleek Future Of The Sedan

1/3/2018 - Always Splurge On Heated Seats

1/3/2018 - Pixies — 'Gigantic'

1/3/2018 - At $2,500, Could This Imperfect 1987 Toyota MR2 Be Your New Mister?

1/2/2018 - GM's 1930s Rear-Engine Experimental Cars Had The Weirdest And Stinkiest Engines Ever

1/2/2018 - A 10-Minute Delay Meant This Flight Took Off In 2018 And Landed In 2017

1/2/2018 - Nissan Claims Its Failure In Le Mans Will Help In Formula E

1/2/2018 - This Startup's Electric Crossover Is All About Touch Screens

1/2/2018 - I Am Absolutely Mesmerized By This Bedazzled Lamborghini Huracán 

1/2/2018 - Comment Of The Day: School's In Session Edition

1/2/2018 - Blue Is The Best Color For Cars

1/2/2018 - Ah, Nuts! Acorn-Stashing Squirrels Mess Up Man's Gearbox

1/2/2018 - Cop Pulls Over Guy Who Drove Over 120 Miles With A Hot Dog On His Bumper

1/2/2018 - Dunkirk Is Even More Harrowing As A Silent Film

1/2/2018 - Fight Crime In LA With This Near-Perfect KITT Car Replica From Turo

1/2/2018 - A Debate On Whether We Even Need Car Gauges

1/2/2018 - I Am Very Pleased To Announce Tuners Are Doing Stuff To The Lexus LC 500

1/2/2018 - Testing Autonomous Cars In Russia Will Be Hell But It's The Reality Of The Situation

1/2/2018 - Join America In Laughing At Oregonians Freaking Out About Pumping Their Own Gas

1/2/2018 - You Can Make The LaFerrari Engine Swap Of Your Stupidest Dreams Happen For Just $385,000

1/2/2018 - Tidy Donuts Are So Much Harder Than They Look

1/2/2018 - The National Valet Olympics Look Intense

1/2/2018 - Lyft And Delphi Are Offering Autonomous Taxi Rides To Attendees At This Year's CES Conference

1/2/2018 - This Simple Animation Answers Everything About How A Clutch Works

1/2/2018 - Land Rover Fire Sparks Massive Blaze That Destroys 1,400 Vehicles

1/2/2018 - Your Truly Deranged Tales Of How Far You've Gone For A Car

1/2/2018 - Bird Flies On Plane, Chaos Ensues

1/2/2018 - The Tesla Model 3 Makes The Future Feel Normal

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