Buy This 1979 Trolls Royce To Anger The Rich And Everybody Else

Some look at Rolls Royce Silver Shadow II and see an exquisite piece of work, the epitome of automotive luxury and class. Others may see a blank canvas, and go to work tearing it apart, running homemade piping along the roof, and turbo plumbing out of the nose, and now you can buy it.

If you like tweet-length shitposting rattle-canned in your trunk, a very, VERY rough World War II fighter aesthetic, truck transmissions, and turbocharged luxury limos, Bring A Trailer has a rock-rolling auction just for you.


This specific turbocharged 1979 Rolls Royce Silver Shadow II is built by Corbin Goodwin, whose automotive work was first broadly recognized for his RX7 build. Since then, he’s bought this Rolls and worked on it over the last four years, and is now ready to hand it off.

From the Bring A Trailer listing:

Modifications include a twin-scroll turbocharger, large bumper-mounted intercooler, welded rear differential, trunk-mounted radiator, 19″ Porsche Panamera wheels, and much more. The seller states that approximately $20k was spent on parts and fabrication, which included adding a custom flywheel from AASCO in Anaheim, California, King off-road coilover shocks, a 20-gallon fuel cell, and a custom exhaust from Deeds Performance in Chatsworth.

Nothing about this car is objectively good beyond the fact that it exists to upset people who probably deserve to be upset by something like this, like anybody who has ever been able to afford a Rolls Royce, maybe your family, some of your friends, and just about anybody who uses some objective standard as a base of judgement.


This car literally looks thrown together, as if Harrison Ford, in character as Han Solo, crashed a rusty Spitfire into the Rolls Royce parked in his driveway. Words like good and bad can not be used. It requires more nuanced terminology, as everyone is going to bring their own unique attractions and revulsions to a project of this, uh, exclusivity, and they’re going to learn something about themselves.

Bidding ends in six days. Making a statement with something like this lasts, well, however long hose-clamps hold up and depending on the quality of the welding.


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