Check Out All Of This Awesome Stuff From The Tokyo Auto Salon

YouTube/Toyo Tire USA
YouTube/Toyo Tire USA

Without the crowds, without the ‘booth babes’, without the hustle and bustle, the Tokyo Auto Salon is a gorgeous affair comprised of everything from widebody Porsches to drift cars to body kits for Civic hatchbacks. It’s an incredible display of incredible cars, and I’ve personally always wanted to attend. (Update: The video has been added.)

Thanks to this awesome behind-the-scenes video from Toyo Tires, we can feel like we were there and got to see the cars on display without flying countless hours, navigating an unfamiliar country, and trudging through an incredibly crowded show floor. This is the best of both worlds, because I can see all the awesome cars of TAS without changing out of my pajama pants.


The video is a bit slow going, as the video camera is moving literally at a walking pace, so I might suggest cranking up the YouTube machine to run at 1.5x speed. Not only is do you get to the good stuff quicker, but the music becomes incredibly video-gamey and up-tempo. Beware, however, as the Celica race car at the 20:05 mark almost had me in tears it’s so gorgeous.

YouTube/Toyo Tire USA
YouTube/Toyo Tire USA

There’s something for everyone in this video, but resident Mitsubishi lover Stef Schrader is probably losing her mind.

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I actually like this style of interactive article.

Jalopnik: There’s an interesting video about the Tokyo Auto Salon. Here are a few teasers but if you want to see it you’ll have to put the effort into finding the video yourself.

Bravo, Jalopnik. No more handouts for the coddled, entitled millennials.