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Baby Driver's Red Subaru Is Still Doing Stunts

Everyone loved Baby Driver, the hit movie of 2017 about the kid called Baby who had a ringing in his ear and did crimes for the mob, but whom we apparently liked because he crushed on a girl and deep down he was a good person. Baby is back, and so is his red Subaru WRX.


Unfortunately this “sequel” doesn’t have any of the production quality or hit music of last year’s movie, but it does feature more of the WRX and more drifting in the snow.


It would appear that Baby Driver star Ansel Elgort got to keep one of the cars from the production, or at least got to buy one. One of the headlights is out, but otherwise it looks like it’s still perfectly suitable for stunts.

I’m glad the actor seems to have held on to some of his stunt driving training, and I’m even more glad that the car is out there, being enjoyed, and not in some overpriced Hollywood museum or something.

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carter [road salt disliker]

Baby Driver sucked.