Tell Us About The Worst Time You Got Ripped Off With A Car

Image credit: Kristen Lee/Jalopnik
Image credit: Kristen Lee/Jalopnik

In a perfect world, nobody would try to mark up a car hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars over MSRP. New cars would sell for exactly what the manufacturer said what they’d sell for and not a penny more.


It would be a little harder to determine this kind of thing for used cars, but I think most people have a general sense of what a used car is worth in their minds. That being said, was there a time that you overpaid for a car, new or used?

Some examples that immediately come to mind are the air-cooled 911s, the BMW 8 Series, the BMW 1 Series M, the Dodge Demon and the Porsche 911 R. A million bucks for a 911. Get out.

If you bought any of those cars recently, the chances are good that you paid too much for them. You might have even been ripped off. Gasp!

Tell us about a time when emotion won out against reason and you just went for it, even though it cost a lot more than it should have.



I traded a refrigerator compressor for my first car, a 1963 Corvair. He got cold beer, I got hot trash.