The Age Of Insane Dodge Demon Markups Is Finally Upon Us

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You knew it was coming. It was inevitable. The 2018 Dodge Challenger Demon markups. They are here. One is in Phoenix. Another is in Vegas.

Unlike Ford, Dodge did not make anyone sign an agreement not to sell their cars until at least two years of ownership. Ford did this to prevent people from flipping the GT. No such luck with the Demons.

One of the first instances we saw of this was from a dealer in Colorado, who was asking $176,000 for a Demon that it had not yet taken delivery of. In case you’ve forgotten, the Demon’s MSRP is about $87,000.


But now that it’s 2018 and people finally seem to be taking delivery of their Demons, I expect to be seeing way more inflated prices for the things. Two sellers wasted no time in hopping on Craigslist to sell a gray and red Demon for $150,000 and $140,000, respectively. (Ads saved here and here.)


The gray car’s listing is a little light on the details, but the red’s owners says that their car only has 21 miles on it. You in the mood for a brand new Demon?

I don’t know if I’d ever pay over a 70 percent markup on anything, but I’m sure someone out there will do it. Someone with lots of cash and somehow didn’t manage to get a Dodge Demon the first time around. Whatever, dude. It’s other people and their money. Do what pleases you.


(h/t to Brandon!)