The 1977 Ford LTD Is Anything But Down-Sized

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In the late 1970s, cars were getting smaller. While it took the United States a few years to figure out, the world collectively decided that cars didn’t need to be the size as an oil tanker.

Ford, however wasn’t going down without a fight. For the 1977 Ford LTD, Ford wanted everyone to know that their full-size sedan was as big as ever.

Those liars over at Chevy have nothing on the LTD with their puny Caprice. It’s called a full-size car, dammit, so it better be full-size. This is America, cars are supposed to be big. Even full-size cars like the Cadillac DeVille are nearly the same size as the LTD but you can’t fit nearly as much crap in the DeVille. The LTD is even wider. What’s wrong with you, General Motors?


Let’s talk about price for a second. The scoundrels running General Motors will charge you your entire life savings for that claustrophobic Cadillac. But the LTD is much less expensive and you can fit a small church inside. The real value choice is obvious.