Rap Vs. Country Music: Which Has Better Car Callouts?

The album cover of Birdman’s 2009 album “Priceless.” (Image: Cash Money)
The album cover of Birdman’s 2009 album “Priceless.” (Image: Cash Money)

After the Detroit Auto Show, Jalopnik staffers David Tracy, Raymond Cinemato and I found ourselves making dinner on the few surfaces of Tracy’s kitchen that isn’t covered in car parts. Naturally, we had Spotify cranking, which kicked off a debate about which music genre has better car call-outs.


Mr. Tracy and I are in agreement that country music, specifically classics like Alan Jackson’s “Drive,” and Clint Black’s “Nothing But The Taillights,” are on a scale between heartwarming and hilarious, but all relatable and fun.

And when George Jones sings “I don’t need your junk yard yet, ’cause I still feel like a new Corvette?” Come on! Classic stuff.

A scene from Tim McGraw’s “Truck Yeah” music video. (Image: YouTube)
A scene from Tim McGraw’s “Truck Yeah” music video. (Image: YouTube)

The trend of cars (OK, mostly trucks) in country music hasn’t faded with modernization of the genre, either. Brad Paisley’s “Mud On The Tires” is a testament to that.

However, I have to admit that rap is also on-point when it comes to calling out cars. And my east coast compatriots Raphael Orlove and Mike Ballaban pointed out: rap has some remarkably creative and specific car references in its lyrics.

Dayton wire wheels, Cadillac Escalades, and Bugattis get dropped on the reg. And as Gucci Mane once said: “I keep on hearing voices, telling me to ball, so I keep on buying Porsches, my watch like a portrait. Gorgeous.” I mean, there are so many. Even more if you start counting appearances in music videos.


Anybody remember that Mannie Fresh interlude where he trades a Maybach for like 50 Chrysler 300s? Hilarious. Though my favorite rap video fleet might still be the P38 Range Rover, S-Type, C5 Corvette, Hummer and VW Beetle in the “Bling Bling” music video.

Anyway, I have to admit I’m a big fan of both these genres and derivatives thereof but I’m sticking to country as my favorite car-song category for now. But that might just be because I’m more into old iron and off-road than luxury SUVs right now.

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Corinthian Leatherface

“So don’t front, MC Ren ‘cuz I remember when you drove a B-210"

Ice Cube “No Vaseline”

-mic drop. Discussion over.