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This Boeing 777 Model Is Made Out Of Paper

Image: YouTube/Wired
Image: YouTube/Wired

Model maker Luca Iaconi-Stewart has been building a stunningly accurate model of a Boeing 777 for almost 10 years. This model however, is made out of manila envelopes and glue.


While Boeing uses massive amounts of aluminum, plastic and space-age designs to make the 777, Luca can pay homage to this aircraft by visiting a Staples. Using just a ruler and an X-acto knife, Luca made his 1:60 scale model complete with individual seats, landing gear and wing flaps.

His attention to detail and passion for aircraft was noticed when Singapore Airlines recruited him for a commercial and Boeing invited him to the 777 factory according to the video from Wired.


Luca is far from finished the model as the wings are not complete and the landing gear are not attached. Still, it’s incredibly impressive what he’s accomplished using extremely cheap material and tons of patience.

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I can make paper airplanes too.