Dakar Team Finishes The Last 24 Miles Of The Day With Only Two Front Tires

If you keep popping tires, perhaps you should take a page from the No. 321 Dakaras Toyota. These crazy Lithuanians put the two good tires on the front of their Toyota Hilux and pretended it was just a big front-wheel-drive Yaris. They went over 24 miles with only two front tires to reach the finish line for Stage 4.


Granted, these guys came prepared with a spare to use, according to the Dakaras team. They just popped that one, too. Hard bits peeking out of the soft sand were not the No. 321's friends. Another driver stopped to share spares, but they still popped more tires than they had wheels. When they were close to the finish with only two front tires left, No. 321 driver Antanas Juknevičius said the he felt like it was best to just keep going. As translated by Google:

For more than 10 years in Dakar, but for the first time in the finish I’m on two wheels. We threw a truck ahead of us and how we hung - we left three tires at once, then two more. Thank you very much to Saulius [Jurgelenas, another driver in the rally], because he stopped, shared his spare wheels. We spied on two more wheels and we were waiting to wait for help, but we decided that we had to open it to the finish. It’s a good result as well as two wheels.

It worked! They finished 32nd for the day.

No. 321 duo Antanas Juknevičius and Darius Vaiciulis posed proudly with that blown tire proudly when they were back in the service park. Needless to say, they started Stage 5 on a fresh set. Here’s their highlight reel from that eventful fourth day to enjoy:

[H/T Rally Chicken]

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Don’t most cars only have 2 front tires??