This Burnout Champion Brown Holden Ute Is Australia's New King Of The Hoons


Try as we might, we just can’t seem to out-hoon the continent that gave us the word “hoon.” Australia opens every year with perhaps the most glorious spectacle in roasted tires: Summernats. This year’s burnout contest winner is pure Jalop bait, too. It’s a Holden ute that’s even louder than it is brown—and it is gloriously, wonderfully brown.

These Aussies braved insanely hot temperatures this year to turn fuel into noise, smoke, destruction and more heat at the Summernats Burnout Masters competition. Not even melting pavement on the highways can stop a good hoon, though. This is the highlight reel from the Burnout Masters Finals, which is just further proof that I must visit Australia.


We’ve covered Summernats extensively over the years, as the series wants “to establish burnouts as a legitimate motorsport” as it absolutely should be. They’ve gone to great lengths to endear themselves to those of us who love impressive displays of smoke and noise, including setting world records for the highest number of cars doing a burnout at once.

Never change, Australia. Never, ever, ever change—unless that change entails building a bigger burnout machine. Then we’re down for some rad changes.

[H/T Joel Strickland!]

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I don’t know what look this guy was going for. I’ll just assume that he nailed it.