The 2019 Mercedes G-Wagen Isn't Too Different, Don't Worry

Images: Mercedes
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The all-new 2019 Mercedes G-Wagen is planned to debut at the Detroit Auto Show in a couple of weeks, but Mercedes just couldn’t hold back on releasing some interesting details a little bit early, perhaps to reassure us that the new one won’t be too different.

Mercedes already showed off the new interior for the G-Wagen last month, but underneath it’s all staying familiar to what’s come before. The new G will keep a ladder-type frame with a solid rear axle, but with updated double-wishbone suspension in the front, mounted directly to the frame to sustain a high ground clearance.


The new G also keeps a low range ratio, with a new low range gear ratio of 2.93, and three 100-percent differential locks, which works with a new, automatically adjusting “G-Mode.” G-Mode is activated in low range, or automatically when one of the differentials is engaged, with adjustments to steering, transmission, power and suspension.

Speaking of transmissions, there’s a new nine-speed automatic tweaked from the Mercedes lineup, and a new transfer case that sits at 40 percent front, 60 percent rear torque split in normal driving conditions. There’s permanent all-wheel drive, and the new G also gets a suite of helpful off-roading goodies, like a 360-degree camera, a compass, and indicators for angles, gradient and ride height.

Now, here’s a bunch of lovely press photos of the camouflaged G. We’ll be seeing the real thing soon enough.


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