The New Toyota Supra Will Finally Debut in Detroit: Our Long National Nightmare Will Soon Be Over

I had visions of myself, decades from now, withered and gray and hunkered down in a fortified underground base, away from the fallout and the mutant cannibals out roving the future wastelands, hunched over an ancient computer and desperately working in Photoshop to finally piece together an accurate render of the new

Hyundai's N Performance Line Has A Good Reason For Not Caring About Nürburgring Times 

Nürburgring lap times, for carmakers, are like football games in college. Almost everyone participates, despite onlookers’ attention ranging from “don’t care at all” to “this is the most important thing ever” until someone wins—then, it’s a big deal. But Hyundai isn’t into ‘Ring records, for a strangely good reason.