Let’s Take a Video Tour of the New 2020 Toyota Supra

Sick of hearing about the new 2020 Toyota Supra yet? I’m not, only because I very much want to drive it and see if Toyota—and mostly BMW, if we’re giving credit where it’s due—can deliver a driving experience worth waiting for.


The new Supra is a very different car than the old one. It’s a two-seater sports car now, not a 2+2 grand tourer. It’s pretty much all BMW under the skin and in the engine bay, though I seem to be the minority in thinking that isn’t a bad thing. (Long-term reliability, however, could be much more of a crapshoot this time around.)

But the consensus my colleague Aaron Brown and I came to when we finally saw the new Supra at the Detroit Auto Show was this: It looks cool, it sounds really fun, and dammit, we need more sports cars right now—not fewer of them. So for now, the Supra’s good in my book.

I’ll just withhold final judgment until I’ve gotten a chance to take the wheel. In the meantime, enjoy this video walkaround of the new car.

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mkbruin, Atlas VP

We waited a decade for Toyota to slap a concept-resembling body onto a BMW 3-series. It's hard to see how Toyota could have half assed it anymore.