This JDM Jimny Could Be Your Tiny Turbo Terror

Photos: Craigslist

The JDM Suzuki Jimny instantly captures the heart of anyone that sees it. Just look at it. It’s a tiny off-road vehicle you could probably fit in a backpack. They’re adorable.

The Jimny was similar to the Suzuki Samurai sold in the United States but the Jimny’s American cousin was fitted with a much larger engine. The JDM Jimny had a 660cc three-cylinder blender under the hood going to all four wheels. With America’s 25 year import law, Suzuki Jimnys are just starting to trickle into the states.


Now is your chance to own a minuscule mountain climber. A Craigslist user in the Atlanta area has offered their 1991 Suzuki Jimny up for sale. For $4995, this Jimny is equipped with an intercooled turbocharger as well as a five-speed transmission.

Think of everything you could do with a turbo Jimny. You could go to Moab and show off to all the Wrangler drivers by hopping around the rocks like a right-hand drive mountain goat. According to the seller, this Jimny 1,890 pounds which means that the owner will have to be careful as a slight breeze could topple it. That won’t matter when you’re boosting around the trails in the world’s most lovable off-roader.

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