Suspect Arrested For Shining Laser At California Police Helicopter As Cars Stunted On Public Streets

Around 2:18 a.m. on Sunday, California Highway Patrol said they got reports of some sideshows happening in Oakland. Among the things included? Scores of cars, fireworks, and a green laser, which eventually got someone arrested.

Sideshows are highly idiotic, though this one was a bit more idiotic than usual, because of the laser, which was pointed at the helicopter multiple times according to police. That’s something you should never do. It’s also, by the way, highly criminal. Police captured video and stills from the incident:

And here’s the rundown of exactly what occurred, according to the CHP’s accounting:

H-32 arrived overhead and located the first sideshow at 42nd Ave and I-880. This sideshow involved approximately 50 vehicles. Shortly there after the sideshow dispersed and moved to the area of 54th Ave and International Blvd. The 54th Ave sideshow involved approximately 200 vehicles. There were fireworks being shot into the air and multiple reports of gunfire from within the sideshow. CHP H-32 crew monitored the sideshow from a safe distance when they began to be struck by a green laser multiple times. The H-32 crew located the suspect who was shining the laser and monitored him from a distance until he left the sideshow. The H-32 crew followed the suspect as he entered a white sedan and left the area. The H-32 crew directed Oakland CHP ground units to the suspects location. The suspect was a 23 year old male from Pittsburgh and was arrested for shining a laser at an aircraft along with various other charges.


The suspect, who wasn’t named, will face federal and state charges, according to police.

Never sideshow.

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