What Do You Want To Know About The Mercedes-Maybach S560?

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There are two important things that a new Maybach will communicate to you within the first five minutes of driving it: It feels significantly different from other cars you’ve driven, and if someone else pulls up in a Lexus LS you feel instantly and palpably superior.

That’s not a good thing, exactly, but it’s a thing that happens. Don’t blame me.


Jalopnik will be in charge of this we’re-still-gonna-call-it-a-Maybach-not-an-S-Class for a week and we have some exciting plans for it. I mean, they’re not crazy. They’re pretty good. You know what, let’s just done down the dripping enthusiasm, shall we?

In any case, I took the Maybach around the block for the moment and it feels:

  • huge
  • really large
  • boat-like
  • vast
  • Taftian

Also it’s remarkably quiet, very smooth-riding and the inside is so spacious I never felt cheated that I was in an S-Class Plus. I felt like I was in a seriously nice car, with a really really nice interior. It costs about $180,000, which is cheaper than we expected it to be!


I have a few questions I really want to answer about this car, and I have some fun plans for it to test all of that out, but what do you want to know about it?