You Should Daily Drive A NASCAR Race Truck

Bless you, Mississippi, and your ultra chill rules about what qualifies as “street legal.”

YouTuber Cleetus MacFarland is known for all kinds of horsepower-related stunts and crazy builds, but none of those quite top this: an LS1-powered ex-NASCAR race truck in Dale Earnhardt’s classic No. 3 livery.


McFarland’s newly purchased race truck was built to race, but its previous owner made it street legal in Mississippi because, well, why not? Why would you leave this thing sitting at the track or on a trailer when you can win at your morning coffee run instead?

I’m going to go ahead and call this the best daily driver that we here at Jalopnik can suggest.

The sound system—an extra loud race exhaust pumping V8 sound waves through every bone in every body within the county—is excellent.

There’s no accessories that don’t need to be there, so it’s relatively simple to fix. Just look at that wide-open engine bay!

There’s no passenger seat, either, so you won’t be obligated to give anyone a ride. While there’s no pickup bed, there’s enough room for one person’s stuff on the passenger side of the car.

Did we also mention that it sounds excellent because it’s a freaking NASCAR race truck with a license plate slapped on it? I think it broke Cleetus’ brain with how rad it is.


We have solved all of your daily driver needs, dear readers. Get a street-legal NASCAR truck.

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Technically, that’s “The American,” Mike Skinner’s livery, not Dale Earnhardt’s.