GIF via Cleetus McFarland

How do fistfuls of duck calls hold up to an 841-horsepower Corvette’s exhaust? What about the oversized pipes of a modified Ram 1500 truck, or a supercharger’s blow-off valve? Behold, all that is quack.

Cleetus McFarland answered the internet’s most pressing question brilliantly with two of his cars: how can I make my car sound like a duck? Armed with a small army of single-reed mallard duck calls, zip ties and duct tape, here’s how he turned his cars into the ultimate quacking machines.

McFarland’s first duck call stunt was a rousing success. He attached a duck call to the blow-off valve on his Ram truck’s supercharger, which held up surprisingly well, allowing McFarland to prank drive-thru employees and a parts store worker.

“I’m going to leave this thing on here permanently.” Do it for Dale, bro. For Dale.


McFarland’s next stunt—packing duck calls up his exhaust pipes—ended up melting a few in the process, but was still highly amusing.

Personally, I think he needs to hide one in the air conditioner vent somehow for maximum passenger annoyance. Quack!