There's New, Terrifying Video Of That Car Crash Jumping A Bus Into A Second-Story Office

Image: CBS Los Angeles

Yesterday, we brought you the story of how a drugged driver sent a Nissan Altima through the wall of a dentist’s office, which normally would not be remarkable except that the dentist’s office was on the second floor. Now, new video has emerged showing that the Altima practically jumped a bus.


The video comes from the bus’s dashcam. It shows what at first appears to be a normal drive through Santa Ana, California turn insane as the Altima appears out of nowhere from the bus’s left.

The Altima was carrying the driver and a passenger, neither of whom were injured in the crash, which happened around 5:30 a.m. on Sunday.

KABC caught this bit of color from the scene:

Witness Trevor Nunes, who was sleeping in a motel room nearby, ran outside after hearing the crash.

He saw the driver climb out and briefly hang from the side of the vehicle before falling to the ground.

At one point, he said, as police were arriving it looked as if the vehicle might fall down on top of the driver.

“He fell, then the car started rocking,” Nunes said. “The cop threw him over the shoulder, put him over there. And he’s all ‘Are you my hero?’”

We’re still amazed nobody was killed. Don’t do drugs, kids.

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