Incredibly, nobody was killed in this bizarrely impressive wreck, so you can be grimly amazed without all the guilt. A driver, who admitted to being under the influence of drugs, managed to launch a Nissan Altima through the wall of a second-story dentists’ office in Santa Ana, CA.

The wreck happened about 5:30 a.m., when the Altima, piloted by a driver who’d taken narcotics and was traveling quite fast, hit a raised central road-dividing median on French Street near the intersection of 17th Street.


That impact with the median launched the car on its improbable parabolic flight, where it crashed through the upper wall of the two story building, and was left dangling, and soon, burning.

There were three people in the car. The driver exited the car and was dangling out the side, hanging by the door, and was eventually caught by police.


The driver and two passengers were taken to the hospital for their injuries, which have been described as both minor and major by various news sources.


A crane was used to extract the car from the dental office, a large-scale version of the tooth extractions that happen there every day, perhaps the dentist mused.


Don’t do drugs, kids. And if you do, sure as hell don’t drive into upper-story dental offices.

Update, 11:25 a.m: Here’s video of the crash:

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