Putting A $52,000 Armchair In A Dealership Showroom Is A Very Rolls-Royce Thing To Do

All images via Elysium-R, as credited by the Mirror

Rolls-Royce is often like that kid from grade school who always talked about having better stuff than everyone else. “Oh yeah? Well my mom bought me a Razr because I didn’t want a lame silver flip phone.” Perhaps that’s why, instead of putting a normal chair in its London showroom, Rolls found a $52,000 one.

Because Rolls’ preferred office chair is definitely better than your lame office chair, it rolled (carried on top of a giant pillow?) a chair called the Elysium-R into one of its dealership showrooms for the chair’s launch. According to CarScoops, the rather average-looking seat is supposed to mimic zero-gravity conditions and costs more than $51,532 at current exchange rates.


Business Insider said the regular edition of the chair, which costs a mere $33,893 at current exchange rates, reminded them of being at a dentist’s office. Nice!

Only 18 of the Elysium-R chairs will be made worldwide, according to CarScoops, meaning a few lucky people in this world can buy a fancy chair that simulates weightlessness and looks like it buttoned its suit too tightly—if they can afford it, of course. It seems like it would cost less and be more stylish to fly to the moon or something.

Rolls-Royce, a champion at furthering delusions of grandeur amongst people who may have a lot of money but will still die one day just like the rest of us, put the chair near its new Phantom in the showroom. After all, what’s another $52,000 if somebody’s at the dealership to spend at least $400,000 on a car?


For the Razr-boasting kids who grew up to make Rolls-Royce salaries, this chair will definitely show those lame flip phones who’s boss—and who’s gained a lot of weight since they buttoned their suit last. It’ll also look perfect next to the $10,000 Bugatti Chiron engine model that was definitely worth the money.



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