Enkei's RPF1 Looks Great On Almost Anything


There are a lot of ‘rules of the internet’. You’re likely familiar with a few of them, and most of them are awful. Just over a year ago, my best friend and I were talking about wheels and crafted our own ‘rule 152', which dictates “If you image search any car followed by RPF1, someone has not only fitted it with Enkei RPF1 wheels, but it probably looks great”. There are almost no exceptions to rule 152, because this wheel is available in a number of sizes, widths, and offsets. Not only that, but it’s a reasonably strong and lightweight wheel at a relatively low price, making it a great track or autocross wheel.

This imported Toyota Starlet Turbo has a set of these wheels already installed, and can be found on eBay here.


The twin-five spoke design isn’t exactly revolutionary, but it is simple. When it comes to timeless aftermarket wheel design, keeping it simple is probably the best practice. It allows the wheel to look good in multiple applications, and extends the company’s ability to sell them for years, allowing them to amortize the development costs over many sets sold.

These wheels are traditionally more popular with Japanese car owners, and here are a few examples from Instagram to reinforce that point. The rule is maybe a bit far-reaching, as the wheel is usually only available in a 5X114.3, a 5x100, and a 4x100 bolt pattern, but you should still test the theory by searching for a few cars and let us know what you’ve found. Check out that Alfa Romeo below. Doesn’t it look better thanks to Enkei?


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