These Are The Only Carmakers That Do Not Sell SUVs

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Right now, in America I think it’s easier to get an SUV than it is to get, say chlamydia. Pretty much every single car brand you can buy in the American market offers (or has real plans to offer in the near future) either an SUV or a crossover/CUV type of vehicle. But not all. There’s still a few holdouts.

This all started when I heard the news about Lotus developing an SUV. Along with Lotus, Lamborghini already has an SUV, Ferrari is developing one, Bentley has one, Rolls-Royce has one, Aston Martin has plans for one, Jag has one, Porsche has had one for years and years, and so on.

So, I started to wonder just how many companies are left with no SUVs or real plans to build SUVs or crossovers. There’s not many. At all.


There’s so few that I made it into a big chart, because why not:


There’s a few asterisk-type things that I probably should mention. First, this is just covering automakers who sell in the U.S. market, even if they don’t sell that many.

That said, you should still be actually able to buy a car from one of these companies, if you have the money, which is why we didn’t include Karma on the list—they haven’t actually sold any cars yet, as far as anyone can tell. Also, the cars had to be U.S. street-legal, so no Ariel on the list.


Also, this is just covering specific car marques—Chrysler, for example, sells no Chrysler-badged SUVs, but, of course, FCA owns both Chrysler and Jeep, which pretty much only sells SUVs. But that’s okay, because you cannot buy a 2018 Chrysler-badged SUV.

Also, we went back and forth on Spyker. Are they still actually around? Can you really buy a new 2018 Spyker? Maybe?


So, if you’re a purist who refuses to buy a car from a company that’s debasing themselves making callous, cash-grabbing SUVs that will never see any road rougher than a rainy mall parking lot, I hope you’re either really rich or like minivans and/or tiny city cars.

Of that list up there, who do you think is most likely to give in first? My money’s on Bugatti.