Watch This Tesla Model X Pull A Semi Truck Up A Snowy Hill

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The Tesla Model X is an impressive performance machine, one day embarrassing cars at the drag strip and the next helping to pull giant trucks trapped on just the slightest snowy incline.

The following video from Kyle Conner on Facebook was grabbed up by Electrek and tweeted out by the Musk man himself, showing off the Model X likely pulling much more than its stated towing capacity of 5,000 pounds.

It’s not yet clear what sort of tires the owner of the Model X was running, but considering this video was recorded in Raleigh, North Carolina, which doesn’t have a typically long snow season, the tires are less likely to be winter graded. It’s also unclear exactly which Model X, uh, model is featured in the video.


Jalopnik has reached out to Conner about the tires and will update when there’s more information.

According to Conner’s replies in the video’s comments, the Model X was engaged in its “Slip Start” mode, which is designed for driving on loose or slippery surfaces, like snow. Conner also claims the Model X made it all the way up the hill pulling the truck behind it, though the video cuts off short.


Some brief research shows that big trucks getting stuck on snowy and icy hills is relatively common, and the best way to prevent getting stuck without snow chains is to avoid driving on the soft stuff, avoid slowing down and avoid parking in it, which you obviously can’t always manage.

It’s a good thing there are nice people with Tesla’s to help in these trying times.